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  1. I’ve held off from posting this as was hoping it was a bad run or something. But it’s lasted over a season. No matter how good my striker is, he misses an unbelievable amount of chances every single game. I have Rhian Brewster in the championship at 23. He is ridiculously good at that level. But he gets around 6.4 most games as he misses about 8 one on ones. Firstly, no one gets that many one on ones consistently each game. Secondly, what is the point of player ratings if the match engine doesn’t reflect them. I win 90% or so of my games 1-0. If the other team score then I know I am playing for a draw because of poor conversions. Not exactly a fun experience.
  2. Happy to, Glenn. Sorry, could you advise steps to do that? I haven’t done it before
  3. I noticed this on last years version and it still appears to be here. I wanted to experiment with the Irish league having lots of money. I can successfully change the transfer budgets of each team to as much as I want, but the wage budget doesn’t work. Example being I change the transfer budget for Dundalk to £100m, then I change their wage budget from £27k to 100k and then save. The transfer budget has been increase but the wage budget reverts to £27k. I have tried this with multiple teams and it never works. Any ideas?
  4. There appears to be a bug with calculating record league goal scorers. I received a notification that a player of mine was a couple of goals away from breaking it, but in fact he was 40 or so league goals short. I think it may be adding all goals together, not just the league goals as it should be. See screen shots
  5. When checking different teams, some have 3 players with stars next to them, indicating they are their best/key players. Some have 1 and and i have noticed loads with none at all. When the stars are their, the choices are sometimes ridiculous e.g for Crystal Palace, Zaha wasn’t a star player ( this was first season before any signings). note: all checks I made, the squads were full with real players.
  6. I’ve played around and it is showing more content. Thanks for the tip. its strange as I never had this problem on previous versions, even with the same laptop.
  7. Hi, wondering if anyone can help. I play on a MacBook Air, the smallest one (I think). When I go to a club oveview screen it only lists Manager, Captain and Vice Captain in the top right corner. In previous versions, and when I see YouTube videos/streams for FM18, there seems to be the Key Player and Hot Prospect also there. Is this intentional due to small screen or am I missing something? I have also noticed other screens which don’t look quite the same as people have on YouTube. Thanks
  8. FrazT - Not sure what drive it saves to, but I can't imagine that is the issue as it has only just started to happen. Edinton - I have tried continuing and sometimes it does work. But, I don't want the bug to continue and rely on it possibly saving if I continue. The issue didn't happen before so I would prefer it to be removed altogether. Neil Brock - The error message happens both when it auto saves weekly and if I manually save. I usually manually save when on my inbox screen or in my tactics screen. As if writing this message this morning, I got the message again, pressed space bar and tried to save. I got kicked out of the game and received the below message - Application Error A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated in /Users/kieranhartnett/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/ crash dumps / FM 2015 (2015.03.23 12.26.13).dmp
  9. Path is as follows - Users > kieranhartnett > Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 > games
  10. Hi, I was playing an Ebbsfleet save for 4 seasons when I received a message when auto saving which said 'Game can't save'. I tried to manually 'Save' and 'Save As' but it still didn't work. Luckily, I have 3 rolling auto saves and I could load a previous game and saved as a different name. However, the problem happened again a few game months later. I got round the issue by repeating the above process several times but it kept happening more frequently. So, I recently deleted all saves and uninstalled the game. I have just installed and started a new Bromley save. I am only one month in and when trying to auto save, the message has appeared again. Please can someone from SI advise what the problem is and how I can resolve? I am using a 13 inch Macbook Air which is less than 6 months old. Thanks
  11. I am desperate for some help/advice as I am getting close to walking away from Football Manager altogether, which I really do not want to do. I have been playing the game religiously since CM 97/98 and been completing LLM saves (lowest league available) since about 2000 - always being successful in getting my team to (or close) to the Premiership. Then in FM 2014, after the introduction of the 'Shouts' team instructions, I struggled. I tried numerous saves, including Eastleigh who romp the Conference South when managed by the computer, but still struggled. Even when winning it felt like I was inconsistent and lucky. So, I was excited again when FM 2015 was released to give it another chance - but I am still struggling. I am on my 6th/7th save and am just about to quit again. And I have completed a minimum of 2 seasons on most of these saves. I have tried numerous formations, keeping tactics simple and not giving too many instructions, giving lots of instructions, it just is working like it used to for me. In many instances, I clearly have the best team in the league. Strangely, if I go on holiday and ask my Assistant to keep my team selection/tactics, he always wins! What is he doing differently? People in the forums seem to be saying that LLM seems a lot harder this year, but is it really that harder? If so, why? If anyone can shed some light on this for me I would really appreciate it. As I said, I think I am one more bad save from walking away altogether. Thanks
  12. Two additions I would like to see - 1. Ability to be appointed Under 18's or Reserve team manager at club level. Its already available at national level so why not at club. Young talented managers are often promoted from these positions e.g. Brendan Rogers, Chris Houghton, Brian McDermott etc. 2. At the end of each season, club managers to choose 'Manager's Player of the Year' and 'Manager's Young Player of the Year' awards. This can be done by the drop down system that is used when managers vote for their league player of the year (like in the Blue Square leagues). Results would be stored under the clubs records/history like the 'Fans Player of the Year' award is.
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