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  1. Setup This is my first fm guide,so constructive criticism is welcomed.Feel free to post about your Wolves careers too. Here are a few extracts from the game about their history : Founded in 1877,Wolverhampton Wanderers are a professional English club currently playing in the English premier division. Enjoying their greatest spell of success in the 1950s,Wolves have a history they can be proud of.Boasting 18 here are just some of their highlights: Wolves won the English First Division in 1954,1958 and 1959, the FA Cup in 1893,1908,1949 and 1960,the English Second Division in 1932,1977 and 2009 and the English Community shield in 1954 and 1959.They have also won the English Fourth and Third Divisions,The English Third Division North,The Johnstone's Paint Trophy and the league cup(Twice). Their biggest rivals are West Brom and when the two sides meet it is known as the 'Black County Derby'. Budget Unfortunately it says all my screenshots are 'undefined' at the moment,even though they are png so I won't be able to do any screenies at the moment,but if I they do work somehow I'll edit them in. Anyway,for a relegation-tipped team Wolves have a very good budget.The default target is avoid relegation but that gives a tiny wage budget,so I recommend setting your objective to 'Mid-Table finish',which gives you 10.5m to spend and a wage budget of 475k.You may still need to put some of your transfer budget into your wage budget however. Staff I recommended clearing out;Carl Howarth,Alan Peachem,Jazz Sodhi,Tony Daley and Steave Weaver.I would promote your Youth Coach Mick Halsall to the vacant role of Assistant Manager as he has excellent judging ability and potential skills,and also a decent Motivation skill to.I would sign;Adrian Lamb(Fitness Coach),Steve Black(OPTIONAL Fitness coach),Paul Groves(Coach),Tosh Farrel(Coach),Roger Cross(Scout),David Mills(Scout),Ricky Sbragia(Scout),Alan Miller(Scout) and Peter Johnson(Scout). Of course all these guys are optional and you might not want to sign all of them anyway,as they might upset your wage bill. Facilities Wolves have pretty good facilities,although the Junior Coaching could do with improvement. Facilities; Good Corporate Facilities Top Training Facilities Good Youth Facilities Average Junior Coaching Above Average Youth Recruitment Wolves's stadium,The Molineux has 23,995 seats and was built way back in 1889. Affiliations. When you start the game Wolves have two affiliations; one with AFC Telford and one with Upjest of Hunngary.I would cancel the Telford affiliation as it doesen't really benefit you(You HAVE to organise a friendly and Telford keep all gate receipts.),however having a feeder club is much more useful,so I would keep the link with Upjest.At the start of the game you should be able to ask for another feeder club or a parent club.The Wolves board usually accepts if you ask for a feeder club,although I'm not sure about a Parent Club.
  2. Am I allowed to Make A New manager,make him manager of Mali then Retire him so i get the job?
  3. alright Here's my profile: Says my pic I 'Undefined' Any Help?
  4. I'm starting this with mali and sporting.I'll post a pic when my game has finally loaded
  5. As said above i would loan him and set a future fee of something quite low and then just buy him for the future fee as soon as the deal goes through. This does work,I did it with Vuckic once
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