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  1. lol,they probably would.I've edited it accordingly btw I'm going to see the Olympics today,so I won't be very active.
  2. Metalist announce budgets for the season Metalist Kharkiv chairman Olexander Galovech has today announced Metalist's transfer and wage budgets.Well,he didn't personally announce them,when our BBC reporter tried to ask him he shouted "INTRUDER! GUARDS,KILL HIM! Luckily our reporter got away with an broken wrist and leg.Luckily,his less violent assistant told us that Metalist's transfer and wage budgets would be set at £18million & £2million respectively.BBC Sport understands that FIFA will not be taking legal action against Galovech, after he threatened to kill Sepp Blatter if any action was taken against him.But it was not a happy ending as - although FIFA officials initially agreed - Blatter threatened to 'blow the place to hell' with a crazed looking in his eye (no change there),they decided not to kill him.
  3. Balances* *All clubs with £19,999,999 or less have had their balances set to 20,000,000 Newcastle: £27,038,482 Swansea: £20,000,000 Everton: £20,000,000 Dinamo Moscow: £44,005,096 Metalist: Ummm.... Finances not available...I'll set it to £20,00,000 Dnipro: Again,finances just don't show up...£20,000,000 GNK Dinamo: £20,000,000 Athletic Bibao: £22,253,583 Sevilla: £29,648,593 Espanyol: £20,000,000 Monaco: £20,000,000 Toulouse: £20,000,000 Bordeaux: £20,000,000 Stuttgart: £24,369,459 Gladabach: £20,000,000 Hoffenheim: £20,000,000 Fiorentina: £20,000,000 Palermo: £20,000,000 Udinese: £20,000,000 Anderlecht: £28,853,801 Genk: £20,568,848 Gremio: £20,000,000 Vasco: £20,000,000 Feyenoord: £20,000,000 Basel: £20,000,000 finished!Start sending those Pm's in!
  4. actually bro,I can do the first window transfers for you with the editor.
  5. Damn,now it says ERROR - Creating Error Log File, Message: Access to the path "/Users/name/.config/iFMRTE/error.log" is denied.
  6. Thanks for the help,but it sems that button is only for windows as it doesn't show up on my mac
  7. Yeah. which editor?FMRTE or the official Fm editor?
  8. The same thing happened to me on an old Juventus save.I signed Federico Marchetti as backup for a ridiculous amount(£12.5million if I'm not mistaken) and a week later when we'd only played 3 games and he wanted first team football.Buffon had played all of the games and conceded 1 goal.The fans made a poll and about 86% said he should play!It's ridiculous
  9. There will be two new cups in which the members of the Pradip Banerjee Honorary league will compete in: One is the Federation cup,exactly like the FA Cup.The other is the Super,in which the winner of the Federation cup and the winner of the league go head-to-head. In other news... The leagues reputation has been set to 200 to prevent Messi and Ronaldo &co(Who will surely be the first Marquee signings) wanting to leave. The league has been completed!
  10. I forgot to say this in my PM's,when announce your takeover,please also announce your marquee player as well. Please note that Newcastle,Gremio,Everton,GNK Dinamo and Bordeaux (and of course Metalist) have all been taken and I'm just waiting for them to announce it on the thread (although I suppose Gremio has already been announced). I'll clear my Pm box in a sec.Deadline day will be decided when we have 10 people in the game,but once you announce your takeover,you may sign any player you want,as long as you can afford (please Pm me your transfer budgets).Now just to warn you guys I'm a early morning guy,so I am rarely on this site from 8pm. Anyway,I'm a bit of a novice at this FMRTEing so can you fmrte experts hep me out? How do you transfer players on FMRTE? Oh,and is their a file sharing site which you don't have to sign up to to upload? (I don't like signing up to sites I'm only going to use for 1 thing)
  11. All Swansea city's and Feyenoord debts have been cleared btw Club's balance's will be announced tomorrow
  12. Galovech first chairman in the Pradip Banerjee league Friend of Roman Abramovich,Olexander Galovech has brought Metalurg Kharkiv,who now compete in the Pradip Banerjee Honorary league.Not much is know about Galovech ,apart from he made his millions in the oil business.No budgets have been announced,though it is thought a large amount of money will be made available.Galovech was unavailable for an interview.
  13. The famous Indian billionaire, Ishaan Singh (Ishaan literally translates to ‘bringer of riches’) has decided to create a new league - in an attempt to make Indian football for exciting - called the Pradip Banerjee Honorary League, in honor of India’s all-time top scorer. Clubs from all around the world are invited, on the condition that they their replace chairmen. Here are the 25 clubs and their chairman that accepted their invitations: England: Newcastle-Lord Mc'Toon (toonbalmy87) Marquee: Hulk Swansea-Martyn James (marty78) Marquee: Lionel Messi Everton-Martin Al-Steeperiouie (Rocknrollpear) Marquee: Sergio Aguero Russia: Dinamo Moscow Ukraine: Metalist-Olexander Galovech (Wonderkind36) Marquee: Neymar Dnipro Croatia: Dinamo-Jake Stothard (Stothy) Marquee: Cristiano Ronaldo Spain: Athletic Bilbao- (Who, in a drastic decision are not restricted to only signing Basque players anymore) -Al-Atsabi (Prodigal Son) Marquee: Wayne Rooney Sevilla Espanyol France: Monaco Toulouse Bordeaux Germany: Sttugart Gladbach Hoffenhaim Italy: Fiorentina Palermo Udinese-??Unkown brit?? (NathWalker) Marquee:Cesc Fabregas Belgium: Anderlecht Genk Holland: Feyenoord Switzerland: Basel Brazil: Vasco da Gama- Andy Stewart (AndyEs) Marquee: Alexandre Pato Gremio- Teron Fong (terence123470) Marquee: Gyfli Sigurodsson (spelling?). If you wish to take a club,PM me with your interest. (All clubs are either average clubs in their leagues, or good in an average league, so nobody should dominate) Although it may seem a bit late,there's still a good 3/4 months an this will be restarted for fm13. Rules (From mack4life’s and tactic master’s chairman games, although I have edited or made a few rules of my own) General 1) Only sign up for this if you will be able to commit to it. Don't sign up if you can only get on the forums once a week or if you're going to drop out before the end of the first season. 2) You can chance your manager at any time, but obviously changing manager often will be very expensive. If the in-game chairman appoints a new manager you can sack him for free. (btw does anybody now where I can find manager compensation?) 3) Only realistic managerial appointments can be made, so no you can't hire Sir Alex Ferguson if you're managing Swansea. 5) You may set your transfer & wage budgets to whatever you like, but just remember, set them too high and your club will run the risk of bankruptcy. Also, your transfers may not take you over your wage budget. If your manager chooses to do so there is nothing you can do, but you may not offer more money than you have set out in your budget. 6) Your Facilities can be upgraded once per season, but there is no limit on how much you can spend on them that one time. The cost to upgrade will be as follows... • £2,000,000 for a minor improvement to Youth Facilities (+1) • £2,500,000 for a minor improvement to Training Facilities (+1) • £1,000,000 for a minor improvement to Corporate Facilities (+1) • £3,000,000 for a minor improvement to Youth Recruitment (+1) • £1,500,000 for a minor improvement to Youth Coaching (+1) • £10,000,000 for a 5,000 Stadium Expansion No.3. Transfers Transfers 8) Limits on transfer numbers are as follows: Transfers between clubs in the league - Unlimited Loans between clubs in the league - Unlimited Transfers from foreign clubs - Maximum of 7 in the Summer, maximum of 4 in January, maximum of 11 in a season Loans from foreign clubs – 5 per season Free signings - unlimited Transfers of youth players from foreign clubs - Maximum of 5 in the Summer, maximum of 6 in January, maximum of 9 in a season *A youth player is classified as a player aged 17 or under and valued at below £3,500,000* 9)Transfer values are as follows: Transfers between clubs in the league - Agreed between Chairmen Transfers from foreign clubs – 1.8 times the players current value Transfers of youth players from foreign clubs – 1.5 the players current value IF they have not represented their nation and have played less than 10 senior games. 3.5 times the players current value if they have represented their nation or have played more than 10 senior games. *Represented their nation counts as Under 21s or Senior sides* *If a player has a minimum fee release clause in their contract which is less than the calculated value then they can be purchased for the value of the clause* *In the first season, you can just use your game to scout players, but, after the first season I will upload the save.* 10) If a you find an unattached player or a player who has 1 year or less left on their contract, PM me about the player(s) your interested in. On the day-before deadline day I will announce the player(s) on this thread and chairmen will have the opportunity to PM me their own contract offer. The player will sign for club who makes him the best offer. Posting up your offer in the thread rather than in a PM will result in the player rejecting it. If a player who plays for a human-controlled club has one year left on his contract, and a player PM’s me with their interest, that player will transfer to the players club, and will not be put up for auction. If you wish to extend a players contract, please notify me. 11) If you wish to sign a player from another club in the league then you need to contact the chairman of that club, agree the details of the transfer, then let me know about it, and once I have confirmed it is OK then you can announce it in the thread. 12) Your control over the sale of players is more restricted than with signing players. Players that you want to get rid of can be offered to other clubs in the league by posting up an announcement of your desire to get rid of the player or by contacting chairmen directly. You can also choose to release players on a free transfer however the remainder of their contract will come out of your transfer budget, or you can transfer list a player. To release or transfer list a player you need to contact me and I can sort it out for you. 13) You can have 4 players in your team that are indispensable, and will not be sold. This automatically applies to new signings (But it new signings do NOT count as one of those 4) 14) Wage Values are as follows: Under 17's = 1.25x Wage 18 - 20 = 1.5x Wage 21 - 25 = 2x Wage 26 - 29 = 1.75x Wage 30 - 32 = 1.25x Wage Over 33 = Current Wage 15) Each club can make one marquee signing at the start of the game. This marquee player will not have an impact on the wage budget. 16) You may change you wage or transfer budget TWICE. *Loans* I will add the player to your squad for the duration of the loan as there isn't a way to create loans in FMRTE. You will always have to pay 100% of their wages. As for who you can loan, if it is realistic it will be allowed. So any player who is listed for loan, fine, most players who are listed as rotation, fine, Lionel Messi, not OK! *Youth Players* If a youngster is available for a direct contract approach in the game then the cost to sign them will be the compensation that the club requires in the game. E.g. If you approach to sign Bernard Mensah from Watford, the cost of signing him will be £1.21m, as this is the compensation that Watford ask for in game. P.S Does anybody know how to make the leagues I have taken clubs from playable? LET THE GAME BEGIN!
  14. Wait, I've found one! http://www.mediafire.com/?fsrjp36njad0b58
  15. iFMRTE let's you see players Current and potential ability (Ca & Pa). They made one for the previous version (which didn't actually work for me),but their is not one for the latest patch.But the editor is basically a less complex version.Althoug if you knew all that their is the editor for Mac but not iFMRTE
  16. It does have the editor but it dos not have an FMRTE for the latest patch
  17. Chelsea have the Lampard Arena on a save,when I have won the champions league (x3),Premier League(x4) and the Fa cup(x6). Seriously?
  18. PSG,because the have made some excellent new signings like Ibrahimovic,Chelsea because I support them and they've made some good signings,Arsenal because Giroud and Podolski will make an awesome partnership,Rangers because they have about 8 players,all of them youth (I think) and all the other clubs that have made good signings (Juventus etc),Watford + Notts Forest (see RKM's post),Leicester because they're my second team and England,because I like filling their squad with youth.
  19. I've been on holiday for the past week,otherwise I would have posted sooner. I would restart this,but there is no FMRTE for mac that is compatible with the latest version. Though when 2013 is released,I'm thinking of starting one.
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