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  1. Already been posted here! http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/314457-*Official*-Football-Manager-2013-Announced!/page7
  2. Sounds very good. Just pre downloaded from here. Don't think I'll be using classic mode, fm is fine the way it is:cool:
  3. Can I still sign up to this? Username: Wonderkid36 Nation: France Football team chosen (1): Olympique Lyonnias (OL) Marathon athletes chosen(3): Loic Remy,Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri 100meter sprint (2): Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna 4x100m relay (4): Bacary Sagna, Jeremy Menez, Gael Clichy and Dimitri Payet. Diving (2): Mathieu Flamini and Adil Rami Hockey (1): France senior natonal team Individual Gymnastics (3): Karim Benzema, Hugo Lloris and Jimmy Briand Team Gymnastics (5): Yann M'Vila, Franck Ribery,Hugo Lloris,Karim Benzema and Jimmy Briand. Sprint cycling (1): Franck Ribery Heptathlon (1): Samir Nasri Shotput (2): Karim Benzema and Loic Remy Rowing (4): Yohan Cabaye, Yann M'Vila, Samir Nasri and Marvin Martin
  4. I would,but as I mentioned above,the English and brazilian leagues are 'have teams in their league with the wrong nation set'. I'll upload the one i use for scouting instead (BE WARNED: IT HAS ALL LEAGUES LOADED!!!!) oh,I can't upload it:(
  5. Rocknrollpear-Hazard will cost £14.4million.Simon Kjaer squad status is indispensable,sorry,but all the other loans are fine.Kadlec will cost £4.3million and van der Wiel will cost £7.2million.
  6. More signings for Metalist Metalist would like to announce the signing of 4 new players.Mario Balotelli and Tomas Hubschman have been signed on loan from Manchester City and Shakhtar respectively, Metalist will be paying all of their £100k and £15.75k wages.Bressan has been signed from BATE for £585k his weekly wage will be £850.Metalist's 4th and final signing is Brazilian Danilo Avelar from Karpaty for £630k,he will receive a wage of £1,850. In other news,Olexandr Goryainov has been released for £300k.
  7. Quote from wiki 'Tsigalko is perhaps best known in the public eye for the football management computer game Championship Manager: Season 01/02, for which he is considered by many players as a legend because of his massive goalscoring.' lol:D
  8. As the the title suggests,my editor has a problem with wages.It says everybody's wages are £0,though my game has correct wages. This is especially annoying as I am running a chairman game and I need my editor:(
  9. NEW RULE: If you hire a manager already at a club,his new wage will be £1.5x his last one
  10. Sorry I haven't replied to PM's,I came back later then expected after i stopped off at yo sushi,but PM's will be answered first thing tomorrow
  11. First signing of the season made by Metalist Metalist have made the first signing in the Pradip Banerjee honorary league,signing promising young striker/winger Lass Bangoura for a bargain fee of just £1.3million,thanks to a release clause in his contract.Bangoura will earn £6,750k a week.Josef Sabo admitted he had nothing to do with the signing,but praised chairman Olexander Galovech for picking up such a bargain.
  12. Galovech Makes first change Olexander Galovech has made his first 'big move' at Metalist.Miron Markevych is sacked for a mere £280,500 after a disagreement on the budget,he is replaced by Josef Sabo, who will earn £44,000 - £41,800 more then former manager Markevych.
  13. That's an interesting question...I would say foreign,but for clubs like mine who play in a league that only has two levels,it's not really fair...I'll just abolish that rule,so it's foreign,yes
  14. The media predicts that Udinese will finish 1st and Genk will be last!With a few signings I'm sure other teams will challenge for the title,with Athletic predicted 2nd and Swansea 3rd!
  15. I tested the game,but there is a slight problem.It says there is teams with the wrong nation set in the English premier league & Brazilian first division.I have checked and the editor says every team has the right nation,I even changed every team in Brazil's division region to Rio de Janiero but it still comes up with the same error.Can anybody help? Toonbalmy-Ronaldo is already taken.
  16. To all those that have PM'd me their budgets or announced them on the the thread: To those of you who have PM'd me their budgets and/or announced them on the thread, it's time to start thinking about which players you want protected from transferring to other clubs.Marquee players are automatically protected,as are transferred players,so you just need to protect your original team, because,once a player is gone; he's gone.
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