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  1. I knew about the cost, yes. Thank you very much.
  2. Which one of these players is — all else being equal — the better player? Player A: CA 124, Consistency, 13, Decisions 8. Player B: CA 114, Consistency 20, Decisions 12. Thank you.
  3. This explains it, then. I was not aware that there was now a technical/tactial difference in GK shot stopping/handling. Thanks much.
  4. Having played with the new ME for a while now, I have to say: I love it! It's much more realistic than the old one. I see more diverse and interesting goals, and the goalkeepers have stopped being 'either/or' players, in the sense that they used to either make a great save or not even touch the ball. Now, keepers kan deflect or graze the ball, and goals can still be scored in spite of it. There are more ostensibly random things in the game now, but I get the impression that's merely because players' attributes are more 'responsible' for the action now, if that makes sense. If you're a poor player, the piper will be paid now, which was not as evident before in the ME. It had almost come to the point where I was just going through motions on matchday, and the game had become mostly about scouting talent, but now I look forward to every game again. Great work!
  5. I hire a coach that the coach calculator tells me will be a five star coach, but when he arrives he's only a 4,5 star coach. What am I missing?
  6. Why can I no longer make a counter-offer non-negotiable? The button now doesn't work.
  7. Has the learning of new languages been fixed? Seven years into the game, I have yet to see a single of my foreign players learn even the basics of the native tongue.
  8. Pretty sure I agree with most of this, especially since you agree with my theory that TtP needs to be low if Handling is high. I'm not sure you're right, though, about Jumping for a goalkeeper. From what I've read, Aerial Ability is for keepers what Jumping is for outfielders. So Jumping for keepers is inconsequential. Also, I think you're right about eccentricity needing to be as low as possible, because when you scout a goalkeeper and he has high eccentricity, the scout sometimes tells you in the report that 'unpredictibility' is one of his weaknesses.
  9. As I understand it from reading various articles, TdP and Handling are 'alternative' atttributes to each other. Meaning that if a keeper, say, has a low Handling attribute, a high TtP will, at least somewhat, compensate for that; and if he has a high Handling attribute he should preferably have a low TtP attribute, because why punch it if you have the ability to catch it? Is my understanding of the interplay between these two attributes correct, or am I misunderstanding them? Appreciate any help, thanks.
  10. Does anyone have a link to where we can see exactly how much CA is used up by each individual attribute? It seems to me that even when you factor in more two-footedness in Petersen, the parity between their CA is still questionable. Judging by their attributes, acceleration, teamwork and work rate must eat up an enormous amount of Petersen's CA, even though they're not important attributes for a DC. What about versatility? Does that occupy CA? Do any of the hidden attributes occupy CA?
  11. I know of course that I'm not 'supposed' to know a player's CA, but being curious about the mechanics of the game I often check my players in FM Scout. Doing so, and in trying to decide which of my players should be first choice for one of my DC positions, I find myself stumped by these two players below. Alberto has been my trusty DC for five years, but young regen Petersen is making gains. Looking at the attributes, I thought Petersen still had a long way to go before overtaking Alberto. When adding the attributes up, Alberto still scores much higher than Petersen. But then I noticed what FM Scout says about them: that Alberto has a CA of 133 and Petersen one of 134! This I don't understand. What makes Petersen Alberto's equal? The only attributes in which he more than just marginally outranks Alberto are in teamwork, work rate and acceleration. (Not counting corners and crossing. Also, their hidden attributes are about the same, except versatility). Are those three attributes really considered to be so important that they outrank all the other attribute leads Alberto has, or what is otherwise the rationale behind these numbers? Is it significant that Alberto, playing the DC, 'wastes' a lot of CA in flair, off the ball, finishing, dribbling, long shots and creativity? (He can also play DM and CM). Appreciate any help, thanks.
  12. The in-game blips on the small map that show where the players are positioned on the pitch.
  13. Maybe I have some settings wrong or something, but the radar image seems very small; it doesn't even seem to fill out more than half the window it's being showed in. Is there a way to make it bigger? Thanks much.
  14. I have some excellent wingers and big, strong strikers who are very good headers. so I often try to play with a lot of crosses, and a lot of them connect perfectly. But they rarely result in goals. I often see several times per game that a brilliant cross hits my striker, who has positioned himself perfectly in the six yard box and simply has to apply his head and score the easiest goal ever. And yet, nine times out of ten it goes over the bar, despite the striker being about three yards from the line! Who takes the blame for this, I wonder? Me and my tactics or SI? Thanks.
  15. When I click the match stats box during matches it becomes transparent to the point where the stats can't be seen. Is this a bug or a feature? How do I disable the transparency? Thanks.
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