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  1. Scouting - iPhone version

    I'm not sure now ... I'm one step below the premier league and I can't scout outside of UK successfully yet if I look up players from overseas, I'm able to sign them. I have a German player and a Swedish player and a guy from Iceland. Doesn't seem right. It's like I'm still in the lowest tier even though I've been continuously promoted.
  2. Scouting - iPhone version

    Thanks Oliver. I'll see how it goes in the future after I've been in the top leagues for awhile. I usually do look through the interested search list too and I've come across quite a few good players that way.
  3. Hi, Hopefully someone can help me out. I started my league as Maidenhead FC in BSS and I've since been promoted to nPower championship. However, I can't seem to scout outside of UK & Ireland. No matter what I do, my scouts return with no results. I've played other teams starting in league 2 and I can scout out of region no problem! Any tips on how to broaden my scouting horizons? Can I upgrade my staff somewhere? Thank you!