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  1. app will not download

    disappointing but I. can understand your reasoning. is there any chance in the future of FM going back to Xbox I believe there's a massive market for a football management on a console (other than the repetitive fifa) think about it you have games on PC PSP and now android isn't it time to better FM 2008 which is latest game on any games console
  2. app will not download

    I purchased from Google play Friday I live in England my carrier is 3 . is there any chance of there being an update to make FM work on phone I love your game you are football legends lol
  3. app will not download

    hi my phone is a galaxy europa i5500 with cyanogen mod 7 i am having trouble downloading this app it originally wouldn't let me download saying insufficient storage i had 100mb on internal and play store said app was 20mb i did a complete factory reset and cleared all data and when i download it now only appears as a notification and then disappears i just want this app soooo badly as i did pay 6-7 quid for it please help.