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  1. Wow just happened again. I was playing Norwich in the semi final of the fa cup. Actually had Nani and Rooney sent off before half time. Managed to get to the 117 min and i decided to bring some subs on with good penalty taking skills. Made them, came back to the game and apparently Hernandez had put one away in the 95th. Im in the final??
  2. I just read this thread about 20 mins ago. I've been playing FM since championship manager 97-98 and have never had this problem. Then literally 2 mins later im playing Chelsea in the cup. Go to make a sub when its 0-0 with 70 mins gone. Come back to the game and Torres bangs one in for Chelsea. Gutted...... Oh no wait Rooney has apparently scored twice earlier on in the match. FT a 2-1 win. Im not gonna complain but id hate to be on the receiving end.