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  1. It's another well documented bug SI think it's acceptable to ignore
  2. Damn Finances *shakes fist*

    Plenty of friendlies against high rep teams will help.
  3. Lack of headed goals?

    I've had forwards score more diving headers than jumping headers from memory.
  4. This attitude is staggering. This company is supposed to be a professional game development studio. Additionally I find it hard to believe SI wouldn't be able to get testing volunteers from the community under NDA's just like the majority of other computer titles. I truly hope there are NO new features in FM12 and they concentrate on getting the ones they currently have working, along with the match engine and foreign league rules. Of course this won't happen as it won't look very good in their precious Daily Mirror blogs...
  5. I'd just like to put on record that I made all this possible... Please form an orderly queue for the secret ballot to vote me the most awesome bumper of old threads... *takes a bow whilst holding flowers* I'll add Bandits 2011 (Xmas) to Star Wars:TOR in my list of things I'll be impatiently waiting for.
  6. Is this series dead now? It would be understandable if a shame but I really enjoyed reading these.
  7. Swap Positions

    Yes another basic that SI seem incapable of fixing or even attempting to address. The next version will have some new waste of time features rather than fixing all these issues as 'FM 2012 - we've fixed FM2011' doesn't make for very long pod-casts.
  8. I'll wait until Jan 2011 to play the finished game thanks
  9. I've been having an epic game with Pro Vercelli on FM10, just starting the 2021 season and the trophy haul is below: Records: Pro Vercelli is a great team to manage, having Juve as parent club and having Anderson in the team to start is great, plus a 10,000 seater stadium does make things easy to begin with, plus the match engine suiting direct play helped build a team around Anderson. I hope they manage to survive in real life after their recent money woes...
  10. Tired of England

    Pro Vercelli - Italy - Serie C2/A
  11. I prefer my system resources be used for the things I want not what Steam wants, Steam is an awful awful piece of software, up there with Norton.
  12. Regens from unplayable leagues

    This made me laugh more than it shouldn't have
  13. OI are a right load of crap, I don't bother with them or backroom advice or press conferences and only do post match team talks and get much better results. It's just more examples of SI putting rubbish features in the game without bothering to address the basic problems such as ME, league bugs, long career game and transfer system issues.
  14. So the new patch has failed to address the coaching contracts issue. It's beyond fricken tedious having to re-offer new contracts over and over and over four times a year per coach to try to keep a stable backroom. Was it even tackled? I see nothing about it in the patch notes.