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  1. I like how, although the list of news outlets falls away sharply from the Guardian and Telegraph to The Lad Bible, the latter is still ahead of The Daily Mail.
  2. If you genuinely believe this then you have no business being involved in the reasonable assessment of football players. There is obviously a huge question mark about whether or not he'll return from his injury to the levels and potential he had beforehand, but he's clearly capable of being a really important player for Liverpool and possibly England.
  3. What the hell is this? Le Tiss is an utter legend, no matter who you support. Unless you're making a clear distinction between the player and the pundit, in which case you get a bye. Just.
  4. Looked to be just a little too high for him, but yeah, still looks like he should have scored.
  5. I'm apologising for nothing, and I fully expect you not to, either - that's the way the Internet works, right?
  6. I read exactly what you said, and I disagreed with it. Quit getting so butthurt.To answer your question, I'd love it if we appointed Klopp, even if we went sailing to to the bottom of the league, LOVE IT.
  7. Ahh, the old "I think you're a moron because you're calling me out even though I don't really have an opinion of you" defence.You're trying to question the decision to sack Rodgers based on the uncertainty that his successor might not fare any better, when that uncertainty has applied to every decision to replace a manager ever. It's just an empty, vacuous question.
  8. Look, if you're going to troll, at least have the balls to see it through, eh.
  9. Good point, he's the real victim in all of this.
  10. No, I just thought you see being your usual troll self by making a nonsensical point about not clairvoyant enough to know what was coming.i agree with you that the timing is a bit surprising, but I'm guessing it's due to Klopp's availability and we need to give ourselves the best chance at getting him. and I've seen those Joe posts - I have the internet too, you know.
  11. So say that then, rather than just speculate about what we'll do if he isn't as successful as we hope he'd be?
  12. What's your point? Isn't the above true for every managerial appointment ever?
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