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  1. The Trophy Collector V2 - Game Thread

    I hope Luke Bond can carry on his good work at St. Pauli.
  2. Luxembourg Lottery - Game thread

    Highest - Ibrahimovic Lowest - Holtz
  3. The Trophy Collector - Sign-up

    Name: Luke Bond Date of Birth: (All managers will be born 1976) Nationality: English Tactical Atts: Tactical knowledge, Flexibility, Determination Non-Tact Atts: Man Management, Motivating, Patience Tendencies: Will make early tactical changes, Will use a target man Preferred formation: 4-3-3 Former Clubs: Everton, Feyenoord, FC Copenhagen
  4. Luxembourg Lottery - Game thread

    I'm hoping last season was just a temporary setback for Luc De Bonde-Arnaud and that this year he is the rock that Sunderland's water-tight defence is built upon.
  5. Luxembourg Lottery - Game thread

    Best of Luck Toon, we are all behind you...until you fail, when we will all point out how 'Arry Redknapp would have done better because he is 'the people's choice'.
  6. Thanks for all the organizing. It has been good fun.
  7. Luxembourg Lottery - Game thread

    Lowest CA is Le Roy and the highest is Schicksal.
  8. Luxembourg Lottery - Game thread

    Luc De Bonde-Arnaud?
  9. Well, i was going to sack the manager after the horrible humping Swansea received against Stoke on t.v. but I'm glad I decided to give it a couple more games. The Swans are unbeaten since and I think have won 5 out of 6. We might avoid relegation yet.
  10. Luxembourg Lottery - Game thread

    Hmmn...Sunderland. I'm worried my boy might be making the step up a bit too early.
  11. Luxembourg Lottery - Game thread

    Yay. Do I have to make a speech now? I just want to say thank you to my agent, Preben Elkjaer, and all the lads at Peterborough. Etc.
  12. Luxembourg Lottery - Game thread

    1. Muller 2 D'Aviano De Bonde-Arnaud for highest CA
  13. Luxembourg Lottery - Game thread

    I genuinely can't work out who it will be with such a wide open contest. Like a lot of people I'm crossing my fingers.
  14. Luxembourg Lottery - Game thread

    Considering he was playing for a team that were in relegation trouble I think Luc de Bonde-Arnaud did pretty well. Whatever happens now I would love him to keep playing first team football.
  15. Luxembourg Lottery - Game thread

    Luc De Bonde-Arnaud plays short simple balls. I'm really enjoying this and desperate to read about the next quarter each time.