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  1. Hello My keeper keeps going forward for freekicks especially wide freekicks, i have checked the free kick setting and he is on stay back like he is for every other free kick and corner, it keeps costing em goals. Also i am seeing on my corner settings i only have 8 or 9 outfield players to position for a couple of corners? thanks
  2. I won the Euro Cup last year playing like this, i've added two players to the starting XI
  3. I don't think you guys are following me here, what i am saying is out of those 25 shots I am getting maybe 5 chances where it is as easy to score as miss. So one on one's, free headers from 5 yards out etc and if we're lucky we score . I quite happily accept the 10 blocks where defenders have got in the way, or the keeper diving and turning a 20 yard drive round the post or over the bar, but those 5 chances i could probably score 3 or 4!
  4. I appreciate the words but when my forwards have 5 or 6 chances from 6 yards away a game and miss then i can expect them to score. Their goalies can't have career games every game. Then they get 1 half chance and score a worldy. It's bull sh-t
  5. I am in my 10th season, started in non league and worked my way up, have a superb team, my forwards are awesome yet they just miss and miss from less than 10 yards away, hit the post, put it over, great saves, yet the opposition players seem to be able to score worldies. I am getting 25 shots to 5 every game and yet we struggle to win. My tactics are right because we are constantly creating great chances. Forwards have 17+finishing, great off the ball, composure etc. Just sick of it.
  6. Now 11 games without a win, and turns it off and plays another game
  7. Wow finding this version terrible, top 5 team for 5 years running, in the champions league and i have gone on a losing run and just can't stop it. My player moral is high, formations that i use for the last few years are perfect, familiarity is high and yet i am getting results like being 0-4 at half time to bottom of the league. It's like their is some in built piece of code that just says right you're on a bad run you will lose. It's really poor and beyond stupid, has anyone else found this?
  8. Hello I find that my players seem to charge to the ball carrier when defending, so 4 players charge to the opposition player carrying the ball and leave their player unmarked. I have turned down closing down and still this happens, can anyone help please Thanks
  9. I watch my games and my player basically bumps into one of their players in the box and it's a penalty which is bad enough, but then he gets sent off for a two footed lunge apparently and literally all they do is touch each other, this is about the 4th time i have seen this, clearly an issue with the graphics and gameplay.
  10. i am using the skin that came with the game, can i ask which one's are best with the original skin then please, thanks for the help guys
  11. yeah done that and still seem to be having issues, the logo's seem to work butnot the faces, can i ask what pack you guys used please?
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