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  1. Not playing bad here for once, sods law lol we play ok when i am saying its sunday league standard, typical west ham fan never happy GSB OUT! LOL
  2. I'm actually watching a game now and Alena my DLP has 3 short passes around him, instead he chips a 30 yard ball to my CF who has 3 players around him and we lose the ball
  3. i try between cautious, balanced and positive depending on who i am playing, i'm not saying i am not winning just saying the footballs bloody terrible!
  4. The DPM changes depending on who i am playing at times, something the AF becomes a DLF as well
  5. Also do you just sit when a corner comes up and think, oh my god not another corner as you score like once in 30 even though you have ward-prose taking them and 3 x 6ft 4 centre backs with good heading skills to aim at and 3 different corner options?
  6. I have my team to set up to play short passing, yet they just hoof it anywhere even when a simple pass is on it's hilarious. I have players with high technique, passing, vision, first touch etc. Even the goaly who is supposed to pass to the back 4 just hoofs it half the time, as for my CB let's just hoof it anywhere as long as it's not near a player. It's like watching Sunday park football and too honest the other sides are not much better and this supposed to be premier ship football. Midfielders keep trying to play killer balls etc as well and the wide men just never cross the ball even whe
  7. so BBM to CM? Fullbacks get further forward anything else there? Take out the run more and pass into space? Should i stay balanced or go to cautious? Anything else you would suggest please, thank you by the way
  8. trouble is if i drop the AML and AMR to ML and ML they are out of position? thanks for the replies
  9. No matter what i do i seem to concede goals, i've tried about everything i know and i have been playing this for years and just about had enough of playing this version, can anyone advise what i am doing wrong please, thanks?
  10. I find it such a complete waste of time, if the ref goes to VAR for a suspected offside it's always offside, just a pointless feature in my view. Can we not have a few that are actually onside please?
  11. Declan Rice wants to leave so the team leaders wanted a meeting to discuss Declan, as you can see by the pic below Declan talks about himself in the third person , funny stuff! talks about
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