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  1. I'm looking at the same one. Let us know how FM runs on it for you, I'm sure it will run it sweet
  2. Hi, I'm looking to get back into FM after a few years out. I'm planning on buying a new laptop. Would 128GB SSD be enough for Windows 10 and FM 17 with all the logos/badges/pictures installed?
  3. Does the game play during a match look a bit different on those winter muddy pitches compared to a pitch in good weather (viewing in 2D - not classic).
  4. Thanks Dr. Hook. That's a great explanation that covers everything for me. At least it's good that we get a message from the player saying the training isn't working so we're not wasting time. I've been giving Lukaku the same stamina training and haven't had a message yet to say he's unhappy so hopefully there is a bit of room for him to improvement there......
  5. I had been having a bit of trouble singing players with min fee release clauses aswell. Most of the time they resigned for their club or chose another club. Not always though, I just signed one there.
  6. Why is it that some players become unhappy with their individual attribute training and don't see any increase in the attribute? For example I put Gotze on stamina training, after a month or two he complained and said the training wasn't benefiting him anymore. When I clicked his stamina the graph showed there hadn't even been a small increase. His stamina was 13 so I thought i should have been able to increase it. Just wondering why this happens for some players.
  7. I'm getting this aswell. My virus software is setup with the proper exceptions.
  8. I hired Toni Kroos relative once and there was no noticeable effect.
  9. Exact same thing happened to me. Man Utd gave him a decent sell on percentage in his contract. Think that's what swung it for him on my game.
  10. Your getting some nice results with that tactic. I'm interested to see what its like over the whole season. Nice work.
  11. I got De Vrij trained as a RB in a few weeks. Ozil as a natural CM in around 1 season. Other players I have stuck at component in their new position due to other factors. As far as I can see it works as intended.
  12. I'm seeing really low average ratings for most of my team & low possession (usually around 40% or lower), even though I'm winning the league and CL etc. I realise it might be my tactics but just wondering if anyone is seeing anything gets similar.
  13. It doesn't look like you have much cutting edge in attack. I would move the wingers forward in line with the AP and switch the striker to attack duty.
  14. Dragomir looks like he's going to be one of the top CM's in the game
  15. I was just coming on to post about that . Non competative needs moved.
  16. How good is Willian? He's transfer listed for 20 mill start of the second season In my game
  17. I won league & CL with this first season 4-1-2-3 DM wide Normal mentality Normal fluidity Higher tempo, more direct passing, tighter marking, more closing down, pass into space, run at defence Gk - defend FB's - support Cd's - defend DM - defend Right CM - roaming playmaker Left CM - CM attack Wingers - attack Striker - CF support
  18. That's some deal for Hazard. He hit over 30 goals in the league for Chelsea in first season my game.
  19. Press conferences, team talks, team meetings & individual chats all help.
  20. OK thanks sounds good, was just checking bfore I try and sign him
  21. Is Lamela as good this year as he has been on previous FM's?
  22. I've managed to score from one. Haven't conceded from one yet.
  23. I'm seeing the opposite in my save. The number of injuries I'm seeing is quite close to real life.
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