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  1. Tried again, exactly the same issue. All Brazilians etc.. showing as Non-EU when I've added those nations as above
  2. I had tried that but didn't seem to work. Will give it another go
  3. Put this in advanced but heard nothing so maybe this is a better area.... Had a play in the editor but can't seem to solve the non EU rule issue, added major nations to EU agreements but still not working. Transfer rules don't seem to exist in the advanced league rules. Never had this problem before when I created this edit in previous FMs Main example is Roma and being unable to play Cengiz Under (Turkish player)
  4. Hi all, Had a play in the editor but can't seem to solve the non EU rule issue, added major nations to EU agreements but still not working. Main example is Roma and being unable to play Cengiz Under (Turkish player)
  5. Via a student discount I can get the lenovo Y520 smaller HDD for 989, decent deal? http://www3.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/ideapad/legion-y-series/Lenovo-Y520-15IKBN/p/88GMY500808?clickid=w%3AkwmRSQpTAYVe93FVT5zzPFUkmzNAU5XRxwUo0&Program=3766&pid=121977&acid=ww:affiliate:74clty&cid=uk:affiliate:rk5fv4
  6. What's the best I can get for around a grand? I've been looking for discount codes on HP, Lenovo etc.. but not sure if I'm missing out on anything
  7. Welbz and Walcott so annoying put together a few good games then get injured. Like real life I suppose going to have to offload them I think
  8. Playing as WBA, Foster wants to leave, who out of Ruddy and Froster do you think I should go for? Both roughly the same price
  9. Thought I'd give an update on how my season went. Managed to win the league by 4 point from Juve! Went down to the wire the last few games, but Juve slipped up and we managed to win the Scudetto! Players of the season from the team were undoubtedly Kara, Florenzi and Pjanic. Albiol played well but didn't sign him up fully as I had eyes on Italian targets! The major outgoing was Stek to PSG for £25mill, not sure why they needed him but for the money I felt it could be reinvested into the team along with a bit of TV money. In came Ter Stegen to replace him, due to him being listed for £11mill and me having never tried him before,though not Italian. Bochetti, De Ceglie and Paloschi all in on frees mostly to provide back up. Destro was also signed in on a free, was essential to keep him. Fiorentina were relegated so couldn't pass up the chance to sign Jovetic for £10mill also. Immobile signed to rotate with Destro. Out went Piris with De Sciglio his replacement. Capuano also to provide back upand stiff 1st team opportunities. Poli also in on co-ownership deal to provide further depth in the centre. Much of the deadwood also left including: Burdisso, Bressan, Julio Sergio, Boriello and a few others. Currently lining up as follows: ter Stegen Balzaretti Astori Bocchetti De Sciglio De Rossi/Poli Bradley/Kara Florenzi/Lamela Pjanic/Jovetic Nem/Osvaldo Destro/Immobile Currently sat 3rd after 10 games only 3 points behind the top.
  10. Best player Florenzi thus far, Inside Forward Att on the left currently has 8 goals 6 assists and an av rating of 8.04 in 13 games. Just a shame he's out injured for 4-5 weeks Sat 2nd, 3 points behind Genoa at he mid way point may have a little money to spend in Jan dependent on sales.
  11. The defense is definitely the weakness of the team, until Romangoli and Marquinhos who are both on heavy training regimes along with a few appearances here and there. Bit inconsistent at the min bet Juve and Milan but drew with Parma and Napoli whilst drawing with Pescara. Sitting 6th with 14 points with a game in hand over most. The ultimate aim is to go Italian, fingers crossed for some good youths.
  12. Just started a new game looking to play a 4-2-3-1. Signed a few players on free transfers and loan in order to bolster the squad but mostly looking to use the original squad as the main core. Currently lining up as: Stek Piris - Albiol (Loan) - Burdisso - Balzaretti De Rossi - Bradley/Kara (£1.7Mil) Osvaldo/Gaitan(Loan) - Pjanic - Florenzi Totti/Destro/Osvaldo Managed to get Gaitan in on loan on deadline day along with Nem. Squad looks good thus far, good enough for top 3 hopefully. Will look to bring in the Bochetti in the summer on a free and plan to bolster from there. Won 1st game against Bologna 7-0 then lost 2-1 at Samp with another win 4-1 to Fiorentina. Got Juve and Milan next though so hoping for 4 points.
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