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  1. Hi mates, I've tried lots of corner tactic but none of them is not dominant. Which is the best , did you see 20+ goals from corner?
  2. Hi mates , I wonder the most useful general and match training method for 14.3. I'm using Team Cohesion and Att.Movement or Def.Pos. Which do you think is the best?
  3. Hi mate , if you find a time , can you learn from Mr. Hough , when will the tactic release?
  4. Yes you are right. I am waiting Mr Hough's tactic. Please Mr Hough release new tactic now.
  5. Hi mate, I've tried your tactic for 7 matches with Liverpool in patch 14.1.3 and I think this tactic can be best. It is stable and attack with defence is balanced. I won all matches. If you can share your tactic this site http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-14-tactics/ , you can reach this tactic more people. Thanks for sharing.
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