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  1. Are you trying to compare entertainment to other things?. Wow I spent 4 hours walking yesterday and it was completely free!! Is free time metered in your opinion? If you read a book should you be charged by the author by how long it takes you to read?
  2. Do you think what they have done over the last 12 months is worth the money?
  3. Where is the value? It is the same game but worse. Unbelievable.
  4. With all due respect, I think this is delusional. I have read the thread and and I can't find ANYONE who 'loves it'. The evidence in this thread indicates there is a small minority who tolerate it, and none of the defenders admit to actually loving the feature.
  5. And that should not be happening. I have used steam for over ten years and never had it crash. Have you tried reinstalling steam? Make sure you move the steam aps folder somewhere else first so you don't have to download all your games again.
  6. LVG likes to do it, and there may be other examples, but if you look at the vast majority of successful team over all time it doesn't seem to matter. The manchester united defence is not a good example for why this should be considered important. EDIT: I thought when I replied that you were referring specifically to left sided defenders on the left and right sided on the right so ignore what I said.
  7. The adaptability hidden attribute is a major factor and yes, a player can diminish in a position if you stop playing him there. If you play him in both positions you should be ok.
  8. I have no idea if he has recently signed a new contract, but I doubt there is a data issue since the latest data at the last patch was that he signed a deal in 2012 whe he was 19. 18k (10k after tax) for a 19 year old Verratti doesn't seem unusual to me.
  9. The game shows wages before and after tax. If you look at his wages it shows this quite clearly.
  10. Caccio, I don't think the fact that you are getting different result with replayed games is your major issue here. You shouldn't be getting so many crashes. You really need to find out why your game keeps crashing because it is not normal. There is something wrong with your system.
  11. A better way of doing them would be to abandon the random questions and turn them on their head. Instead, allow the manager to select a point he or she would like to focus on (ie opposing manager, an opposing player, team form etc) and work through a tree of options. Once the manager is happy with the selection he then confirms. This would solve the issue of having to plough through repetitive and tedious question of no interest and better represent how a manager would want to focus on an issue of his choosing, thus making it genuinely strategic.
  12. From what you say, you have played hard working tactics in a leading league. In my experience the simulation is not as robust at a lower level. Have you tried the same experiment with lesser quality players?
  13. Correct. The reason I did it is because many managers are suffering an injury crisis without realising that when players lose condition they become unrealistically injury prone, so I wanted to see for myself how far I could push it. What I found is that I can cause an injury crisis when I play with an extremely hard working tactic irregardless of training. I found that many players get injured (with a tendency for 2 months) towards the end of matches - with a worst case scenario of four or five injuries in a game. In my opinion, this is not well simulated.
  14. He has great pace and acceleration but with 4 dribbling he is no good for a guy patrolling the flanks. He is never going to be good enough for a top team.
  15. Yes, as other have said, get him dribbling training. he really needs it.
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