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  1. he is not a sweeper, he is libero with attacking mentality. with 3rd CB it would be very diferent tactic, cause my libero is something like DMC when I have a ball, and when I don't he drop deeper or in front of 2CB-s trying to cut the oppositions ball.
  2. No. In the begining I used shouts when I needed to close the game il last 10-15min, with stronger opponents, but whole last season I have used this tactic like plug'n'play. In new seson I have sold 4-5 my first team players and bring more young talents, so I don't have strong team like in last season, so I can't finish the match with clean sheet, so I'm trying with deeper defence...I still haven't lost a match, I have beat Liverpool 3-1 in European Supercup, but I have lot's of draws....4 draws in 9 matches in Cro 1st div.
  3. So, here are the results in first half of second season useing this tactic: Croatian 1st division Champions League I have changed 2 things from original tactic: corners: 6 yard box free kicks: cross centre
  4. You are partly correct. Boban was fantasista in Dinamo and maybe 2 seasons in AC Milan, where he played under Capello at ML position or he was on the bench. AMC is his 'natural' position, but back days we had 3 world class 'AMC' players (Boban,Prosinečki and Asanović) and Blažević wanted to use them all at the same time. So it's hard to recreate exact tactic, cause they were in rotation whole game, but Boban played with more responsibility at the back, while Prosinečki had more freedom. If you are old enogh, what I doubt cause you obviusly don't know much about Asanović who were no10, fantasista in Hajduk, Montpellier, Napoli, Metz, PAO, Derby...everywhere where he played, but only in National team he played more defensive role...like Boban... You can say 5-3-2, but back days we call that 3-5-2, and till early 2000s, every club in Croatia played like that, or 3-4-3 with flat middle. In Croatia National team, we had Jarni on the left side, and Jarni started his career like a winger/striker (WFL) in Hajduk split, with number 9 at his back, while on the right side we had Mario Stanić who was striker in Željezničar, Dinamo, Parma, Chelsea....and before him we had fast striker Nikola Jurčević on that position, so it's hard to tell that Croatia played 5-3-2. At World Cup 1998. we didn't played with 3 creative players in the middle, or if we did, we played with only 1 striker (Šuker) and we had Jurčić or Soldo at DMC position....Blažević wasn't slave of formations, so it's hard to say we played exactly that or that....we had many solutions and variations. Sometimes Boban was in front, and we had DMC player like Jurčić, Soldo, or earlyer Mladenović, Vulić, sometimes Stanić was second striker...etc. One more thing....Bokšić, my favorite player of that generation, was never something like complete forward. Complete forward have everything. Complete forward is Marco Van Basten, and Bokšić was very strong player with fantastic pace...he need a ball in front of him, and with ball in his feet and with his back towards the goal, he couldn't do much, and he didn't. He was way better in his clubs (Hajduk,Marseille,Lazio,Juventus etc.) than for national team, because we didn't play pacey football, we played slow tempo football like you said, with lots of ball possession and circlin around opponent box. Against stronger opponents we played more at counter attacks.... My tactic isn't exact copy of Croatia, specially cause of tempo, but with this tempo working better, so, I'm satisfied. And this is one more reason why: [video=youtube;1RiURtIjESg]
  5. These are my results in new season till now, I have won European Supercup against Barcelona with Messi, Neymar and some brutal regen up front.... This draw with Inter is because I was resting whole first team, and I have maybe 12-13 players on the same level, others are not so good. This is my match against only real rival in Croatia:
  6. here you are I have create tactic with tactical creator, but I have made lots of changes for every player after I closed creator.
  7. I had some problems with uploading pictures directly from my PC to this forum, so I have update opening post now. Here is 2 more pics with Barcelona with whole season holiday just to check is it work like plug and play...It's hard to not win everithing with Barca, but I think these are good results: @bububaggins - Some pictures of the team are here, but players statistic don't mean much, I have use this formation only in 2nd part of season...my main striker (SCL) scored 33 goals in the league and had 16 asists so he was firat scorer and asistant, but I have played 4-4-2 and 4-2-4 in 1st part of the season. Results with this tactic are 30 24 3 3 86:29 in all competitions. @cooper74 - yes, last patch, pitch size is normal, I haven't see in this FM where you can change the pitch size, match prep. is something what I change few times in whole season, depends on who I'm playing against... So, as I said, this is season 2016/17, my Hajduk is much stronger than defalt team, but in Croatian league you can't have players like in English, Spanish, Italian, German or French league....even like in Portugal or Holland, I have young talented team (18-22yo) and I have to sell my best players every 2 seasons because they want to play on higher level....
  8. Dear FM fans, I don't upload my tactic's very often but this one I must share. In last few FM series, tactics with 3 at the back, especialy with libero were disaster, but in FM13 they work perfectly. My 3-5-2 (or 5-3-2 if you want) formation is based on Croatian national team formation from '90s GK (defend) Dražen Ladić (classic keeper, the best you can get/Buffon,Casillas,Cech...) SW (libero/attack) Zvonimir Soldo (important position in this formation, good tackling, pace, heading, pass, cross, long shot and creativity is bonus/Busquets,Pique...) DCL (defend) Slaven Bilić (classic defender, good header, tackling etc./Terry, Puyol...) DCR (defend) Igor Štimac (same as DCL) WBL (attack) Robert Jarni (tackling, pace, cross/Lahm, Marcelo, Alex Sandro...) WBR (attack) Mario Stanić (same as WBL/Maicon, Dani Alves...) MCL (AP/attack) Aljoša Asanović (one of 3 playmakers it the middle, need good pass, creativity and some defensive attributes, teamwork, player for attack and defense/Moutinho, Modrić, Fellaini...) MCR (DLP/defend) Zvonimir Boban (same as MCL/Xavi, Khedira....) AMC (AP/support) Robert Prosinečki (player for 'final pass', dribbler, scorer, 'fantasista', 'no.10'/Ozil,Kaka,Iniesta,Ronaldinho,C.Ronaldo....) SCL (AF/attack) Davor Šuker (finishing, dribbling, pace, heading, pass...this is your main scorer/Messi, Van Persie, Ibrahimović....) SCR (P/attack) Alen Bokšić (same as SCL...this is your target man, he will score, he will assist, he is here to make a space for your main scorer SCL...pace is very important for this player/Rooney,Neymar,Hulk,C.Ronaldo,Ibrahimović...) This is how formation looks like The results since I use this formation (red ones are with 1-2 first team players on the pitch, because of EL. Surprising European League results I'm in season 2016/17., and my Hajduk Split is much stronger than real Hajduk, or that one on the begining of the game, I signed some nice brasilian regens, but still, my team is much weaker than Ajax, Napoli, Fener, Sporting and specially Dortmund, and in the final match against Ajax (with some great regens and Eriksen) i have played with 2 fast strikers at WBL and WBR positions because of injuries, so this is fantastic result. Defence is strong, and in attack I always have 2-3 ccc, and I had some matches with 7-8ccc Try it, I hope it will work for your team as well. I give a lot of attention on team speak, and I don't change a much in formation during the match. I have used some shouts and changed mentality on contain in last few minutes of some EL matches, but that is all. Also, moast of the goals that I have recived was after corners, so thet is something that can be fixed, like attacking corners, I haven't touch that. http://www.sendspace.com/file/tpoaqm <- tactic
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