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  1. Samsung note problem after download.

    Also tried turning phone on n off and still doesn't work. Wb
  2. Samsung note problem after download.

    My phone has full charge and still not work and if I uninstall and reinstall will I not be charged another 7 quid? Thus making the game 14 pound. Wb x
  3. I downloaded football manager for the Samsung note......and worked fine after it downloaded for the first go......now Wen I click to start the game my screen goes black and it crashes. I have even tried turning the phone off n on but no luck. As the game cost 7 quid I was looking forward to playing it daily but if it does not open then I can't. Is their a fix for this problem as its now past the 15 mins refund time limit and so it doesn't leave me out of pocket. do you have a fix for this problem so I can.enjoy kicking butt with Liverpool. Cheers. Reply asap. David b Smith <snip>