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  1. You can use Mane, the screenshot is AM Pick. They are not being retrained but I only test over a season. The players can be retrained for roles for a longer term save. Thanks mate will start a liverpool save and try this always liked your tactics
  2. Hello Knap what type off players on left and right midfield? using this one Tactic: 19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSS when you was liverpool in your test, no mane on right ore left? is i wrong type off player? and your right and left back are you retraining them in position ore yust leave too assist and hi do what hi want?
  3. Hello Am take the training and individual training on players ore are you training the players in the position they use on the pitch? att ore def in training if you play 10-15 season
  4. when I'm living training to assist a seen him training players in wrong position that is no problem? and match focus also made by assist?
  5. from t alaves match i set my AM too take control over general training and put match focus over to att mov
  6. I am very pleased whit this my team have some good players but overall maximum average
  7. i also have problem whit the defense , but I am not shore what i can expect from a team like valencia, whit no signing. But I am 100% shore that this is a amazing tactic just need to find out the best way for me
  8. I will and can post when the season is over will play whit my original squad 1 season because the club have no money
  9. before barcelona match i also was taking team talk, and I am a manager starting whit no exspering. so maybe the squad didn't believe me So I will say this is amazing nice job
  10. I dont now how too upload? Have a great start but was starting the seson whit att positioning . start whit def positioning from barcelona match b-team in the cup
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