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  1. Not able to Load

    Hi HTC sensation - No crashing was very quick when using it, saved then exited, now only gives me the option of a new game
  2. Not able to Load

    Hello all Playing my first season, all going well (unbeaten in the league) and quite far into the season now. Now the game wont load, on the front screen it has continue button, but it is in grey? Gives me the option to start a new game, which i obviously dont want to do. Any clues? Re-booted and removed the SD Card on many occasions now - (no joy)
  3. Cannot open after download

    Its come up - Back in the game!!!
  4. Cannot open after download

    Not destined to have a good go on this game, after saving a few times, i have gone to play today, but i dont have a load game option I have rebooted it 3 times now, has my saved game gone for good?
  5. Cannot open after download

    Cheers I actually uninstalled it and reinstalled it about 4 times, 4th time lucky as its now working and seems to be working fine. Thanks
  6. Cannot open after download

    Have just had delievered a brand new HTC sensation and a brand new SD card, all working fine. First thing i wanted to do was download FM2012 handheld FM12 seemed to download fine until i got asked to have a look around, it then crashed! - Then it was saying my SD card storage is unavailable, and the SD card has been unexcpectly removed, i re-booted my phone, the SD card is showing ok again and the app appears in my list, when i click on the app i get "the application com.sigames.fmhi(PROCESS COM.SIGAMES.FMHI HAS STOPPED UNEXPECTEDLY. PLEASE TRY AGAIN Have tried about 30 times now... please help Thanks in advance