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  1. In the second half of the 2020/21 season, Steve Bould remains unwilling to play by the rules.
  2. Steve Bould remains unwilling to select first teamers in the 2020/21 season
  3. Yeah just logos and badges for clubs/compeitions. Same issues with and without.
  4. Won the league first season with Arsenal (Leave it) and rather than just be a happy abentee owner, big Stan Kroenke has suddenly decided its real important that we start to 'Make the most of set pieces'...just feels like it's there for the sake of it no? Alongside play attractive football (whatever that really even means) and don't sign players over 30. Feels like a completely abritary addition of 3 new targets randomly selected considering their disparate nature. Plus you'd be more likely to be given more freedom after overperforming. Also if anyone wants to respond to my thread in the staff responsibilty bug forum about u23 managers not actually picking unfit players even when they are set to do so, that'd be swell. Just to know it's being looked into.
  5. As the title suggests, as Arsenal, Bould is responsible for picking unfit first teamers for the u23s and just isn't doing it. He is set to do it in the (needlessly tarted up from the simple clean FM19) staff responsibilities section. Think i put this in the wrong section before, feel free to delete the other one.
  6. Yep, tried all the standard stuff. As i said, the steam overlay thing helped a lot but it really is dragging a bit on player search and the processing between games. No issues with it on matchday or other screens.
  7. Just for anyone else suffering this, i killed the steam overlay after noticing the steam webhelper draining everything in task manager and it's improved things significantly. Still much slower than 19 but not nightmarishly so now.
  8. Game is cripplingly slow during any sort of filtering of the player search screen. Have done all the clear cacheing, custom graphics removing etc. I run a large database with quite a few leagues but exactly the same setup as previous games and never encountered this. You can set it to filter something basic like transfer listed, go away and make a thread on a forum, and it might be done if you're lucky. Also clicking on any player on the list and backing out to it restarts that whole process, not really fit for use. The game also runs slow generally but i assume you already know that. DxDiag.txt
  9. Checked after the latest patch, he's still not bothering.
  10. Triffic. Just as an update, i have only had this happen twice in about half a season now but i notice the green pitch background seems to be standard? As much as it's obviously far better than the issue above, and i am aware nothing is as simple as it sounds, a plain grey background as in previous would be really appreciated.
  11. As the title suggests, as Arsenal, Bould is responsible for picking unfit first teamers for the u23s and just isn't doing it. He is set to do it in the bafflingly changed from FM19 staff responsibilities section.
  12. Had both this and a plain green pitch in my first match on the beta. Cannot imagine it's by design as you can see how poor it is for...well, looking at and/or reading. Although the plain green pitch background was not as awful, surely this should be a standard dark grey background? No reason for commentary only to provide anything but the easiest way to read the info on screen?
  13. To avoid starting a whole thread: Cam someone let me know how i can just get a normal dark plain backghround like any previous game. Surely nobody wants or asked for this for commentary only mode?
  14. Advanced forward in a 4231. I have no real point, just throwing my considerable oar in. Lacabackup for a rotation example:
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