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  1. Are penalties taken from a different place in FM20 than in real football? The halfway line perhaps?
  2. Are the club culture ideologies set by the board just completely random then? Started off with Play attacking football/entertaining football/high tempo football' and 'Develop young players' which seemed to make sense as a combo. Got 'Do not sign anyone over 30' start of next, odd but okay, alongside 'Make the most of set pieces'...after winning the title, scoring 111 goals...weird but alright i'll gnore that. Start of third season, 'Play defensive football' introduced alongside the others. Feels like they are just adding them on each season with no real sense behind the decision
  3. Won the league first season with Arsenal (Leave it) and rather than just be a happy abentee owner, big Stan Kroenke has suddenly decided its real important that we start to 'Make the most of set pieces'...just feels like it's there for the sake of it no? Alongside play attractive football (whatever that really even means) and don't sign players over 30. Feels like a completely abritary addition of 3 new targets randomly selected considering their disparate nature. Plus you'd be more likely to be given more freedom after overperforming. Also if anyone wants to respond to my thread in the s
  4. To avoid starting a whole thread: Cam someone let me know how i can just get a normal dark plain backghround like any previous game. Surely nobody wants or asked for this for commentary only mode?
  5. Advanced forward in a 4231. I have no real point, just throwing my considerable oar in. Lacabackup for a rotation example:
  6. I'll preface this by saying i have never played touch, but you can delegate basically everything bar tactics to your staff (and even then they can deal with the pre/in game stuff like opposition instructions and team talks) and you can choose specific coaches etc to deal with each task to make sure you have the best suited to each role. It takes minutes to delegate basically everything to your staff at the start of a game. First thing i do whenever i start a new game, i just want to do my tactics and build a squad. Let my staff deal with every other aspect.
  7. The training intensity scheduling thing under 'Rest' in training. Why aren't all the players there? And if general training is left to a coach, does that override the parameters you set yourself or do they work by them? If they are supposed to, they aren't.
  8. Pretty relentless with the injuries this one isn't it? Seems to end every game with someone subbed off with an injury and another couple on orange. I see everyone (well almost) including SI has acknowledged there's an issue though so here's hoping for next friday.
  9. Not really thought about it until i noticed no WTD icons on my squad, but i don't think i have had a single team attempt to buy any of my (Arsenal) players across 4 transfer windows so far. Is that odd? Feels odd.
  10. No idea if it's a bug or just how things are irl nowadays, but penalties seem whiffy again. Finished the first season with 45% scored, halfway through a second with 57% scored . Mostly taken by Lacazette and Aubameyang whose stats are strong for this area.
  11. Didn't want to mention it in the bug forum, as nobody has time to read a stream of 'Not technically a bug' but transfers are ****ing mental in this one so far. The standard Kane to United for far less than Spurs would ever accept, now has Hazard to Liverpool (Both teams in the CL, neither won anything season prior) for £65m with potential add ons to £91m..,.fee hardly the issue mind. Salah to Madrid for £103m seems sensible in comparison but it does feel like the game still doesn't know how to deal with the biggest transfers.
  12. Continue game timeout doesn't seem to cancel when you try to stop it anymore. Timer just ticks down and you're away again.
  13. Will do cheers. Hopefully it's an oversight and it should be skipping a lot of it rather than by design.
  14. Any reasoning been given for the changes to Commentary Only, where it now seems to describe everything happening at lightning speed rather skipping through to commentated highlights. Makes it pretty impossible to follow and a 7+ minutes slog to get through while not following it.
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