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  1. I posted a message on 01/05/12 about where I could download FM handheld other than on Google Play store and was wondering if there was any more news on this front? Especially, as the original announcement said it would be on other marketplaces "in the coming weeks" and it is now 1 and a half months later. I just really want this game! Thanks
  2. Sorry to keep banging on about it, but is there any more news on this. I just want this game so much!! Thanks
  3. Hi Is there anywhere other than google play that you can get FMH officially i.e. other android marketplaces? Thanks
  4. Are there any other android marketplaces (other than Google Play) that FMH is officially on? I want this game asap! But my device doesn't have google play store but does have the specs to run it. Thanks