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  1. My link isn't working. Could you check it? I downloaded the squad view, but couldn't download the xlsx file.
  2. I was wondering how many assists and key passes coming from corners and freekicks?
  3. Thanx, I'll give it a try, but my TQ(a) is rarely attack the box, because Dybala has a PPM to come deep the ball.
  4. I don't see any other formation where I can use this team. First I was think for the 4231, but in this version I can't get enough from the AM strata, and I can only use 2 cm, but I have 4-5 good cm players.
  5. That is something I see sometimes. To try to defend I have my 3 attackers, and one midfilder has a PI to close down more.
  6. Thank you. I already changed the midfield duo, because of that, and what I've read on another topic. Right now, the midfield duo is set a bbm(s) and a cm(a) with more risk PI. It works much better now, so thanks for your info.
  7. Thank you. Yes the tactic kinda works, but I don't want to just win in serie A, I want to compete in the Champions league.
  8. First of all, thank you for your reply, I will try to explain my thoughts about the topics. I am maybe wrong, but this is what I saw ingame 1 : The counter instruction is there, because when I switched it on, I have so much more through balls, and my midfield, an WB get forward faster, after an opposition attack or set piece, and I scored a some goals for through balls to Ronaldo. They are not that deep, because I am not palying high LOE, only Higher Def line, so they tend to move up the pitch more, than they usually do against extremely urgent, and much higher LOE 2 : The tempo incr
  9. Hello everyone. I think I finally have the time, and determination, to completely make my first working tactic. My problem is, that it won't work all teh time, but I just don't know, what to change, to play better against some attacking sides. In the screenshots above you see my tactic, my key players, and also some match stats. Most of the time, I can create chances with through balls, crosses, long shots, small passes in the penalty area. But sometimes, I couldn't create anything against not bigger sides, but against positiv tactics.
  10. I think I made something like this. SK A WBs CDd CDd Wbs BWMs DLps BBMs AMa(Attack because Dybala has comes deep to get the ball, and he was way to back on support) AFa DLFs
  11. I tried that, and it doesn't work very well. Right now I am using the beta patch, and it looks like, that it isn't really good for middle play, especially for AMC. But I am gladly try it out. If you have any idea, how to setup correctly. Anyway, thanks your advice, I have won my last 8 games, with your tweaks, I attach a screenshot about the tactic.(Don't look the starting eleven, I have so much injuries.) So thank you very much. Also removed the shoot less often TI. About instructions, if I don't have enough penetration(so much defending teams), I am usually make my DLPd,
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