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  1. Hi, could some of you experienced veterans say which version of FM has the most realistic transfer system? I've played all FMs up to 2014, but let's be honest, most of them had a horrible transfer system where a player could not be sold for 1/100th of his value, would go to a random team for peanuts rather than to your top class club and great salary, would request a transfer but never leave for any other clubs etc. At some point I just stopped playing cause every transfer window made me die a little inside. Maybe something improved after 2014? If possible, compare the injury rates as well. I remember Fm 2012 seasons where having half of your team meet New Year in wheelchairs was a common occurrence.
  2. Manager reputation

    Much harder to get wins? Not really. Much harder to assemble a good team? Surely.
  3. Always using the downloaded tactics here, because, as I say in the game, "I like attractive football". Probably because I never consider myself as a true manager - I'm just a fan who loves good football - and it doesn't matter to me how a great view is achieved.
  4. Training methods

    Easy way - leave it as it is. The default training schedules are not too bad. Advanced way - make/download positional schedules. Expert way - make individual schedules for each player depending on their game positions/roles/attributes. Gamer way - as above, except that you also include your expectations (lets say so that in the end you'd have ~15 acc and pace), also hidden attributes as PA, determination, ambition, etc. It's all about picking what you prefer. Obviously, the more advanced the method, the longer it takes to apply it. The original idea about one pot isn't good at all tho - the game even gives you premade position schedules which are easy to assign. Why not do it then?
  5. Two questions 1) How much deadwood did you drop this season? If possible, mention the overall number of transfers. 2) What rewards did you promise them? Low, medium, high?
  6. Squad morale, not a rant

    Stupid me then I have no complaints about morale/overconfidence tho - as I deal with it through team talks, I assume my opponents should be having a bigger issue with it than I do
  7. Squad morale, not a rant

    Overconfidence doesn't, as long as you know how to use it. Generally, before match you should go "I expect a win" general talk, private talks "I have faith" to normal ones and "I expect a performance" to overconfident ones. They tend to perform better then. Read this when you have some time: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2011-tactics-training/29092-woifsongs-teamtalk-guide.html
  8. Using tutoring suggestions (if they're sensible) and poor play notices here. Other than that, this function's pretty rubbish. Stop using killer balls so often to my player with second most assists? No way.
  9. Apart from winning Champions, other cups give pretty low rep to be honest. So yeah, it'll take a few good wins for you to become popular.
  10. Genie Scout. Or just check the high stat youngsters a bit after country-specific regen dates.
  11. post match team talk

    So, you basically praised your players for losing a game. Want them to do that more often? Read this: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2011-tactics-training/29092-woifsongs-teamtalk-guide.html It's not accurate, made for FM 2011, and yet does provide general guidelines of how to treat your players during the team talks. For the after match talks, praise them for wins ONLY (also, best if you don't even touch private talks them), if they did draw/lose to a strong team play the "you were unlucky today but it was a good effort" card, and be "not very happy" if you lose a game you were supposed to draw/win. I'm not sure, maybe you can get better results by picking other tones, but I use calm for unhappy and good effort talks and passionate for wins (be careful - some specific praises don't work very well, so use the most general one about good win). Also, no matter what assistant you have, he'll still bs from time to time. The best simply do that less often. I used FMRTE to make a perfect assistant and he still slipped in stupid advices like "say nothing" about beating Barca 2-1 or offering "for the fans" talks to low rep team that doesn't care and is never influenced by them. By using common sense, you can get 99% accurate results tho. I do.
  12. Morale

    Fines don't really depend on players' results AFAIK, it's mostly dependent on player's personality and relationship with you. Match performance is interesting tho - for example, a player may have 7+ rating prior to scoring 3 own goals, dropping his rating to 4 or less. The player will STILL think he performed quite well cause while he made major mistakes, overall he played close to his ability. Another thing is, when a weak player is constantly overpowered by opponents and gets crap ratings, he won't agree that he played bad as well - cause he played close to his ability. Therefore, be a little bit careful with praises/complaints... Most of the times I don't even complain unless fans confidence/coach advice tell me to drop a player for poor performance, and some players don't accept praises too... when you go to private talks for that, it's a hit or miss, and you can't know without trying.
  13. Just wanted to thank you guys - after consider all you've said, I've made a slightly different tactic with a few minor tweaks and changed attacking to control. While I'm not even close to major teams' scores against the weaklings, it's good enough to win by a goal or two, and that's all I needed I really appreciate your help.
  14. Well.. the thing is.. it works well against big teams. Really well. Should I assume it is so because major teams don't employ counter based tactics? I've noticed that quite a few of my goals are from counters, cause this formation allows to feed the ball to the front incredibly fast. The weak teams, however, hurt me a lot. The goals usually come from crosses to the penalty area where my guys always seem to leave someone free while double teaming some other players. Screamers too... Also, I found the anchor man to be really useful, because when I tried another downloaded tactic, JP Woody's Wenger style (http://sadpanda.us/images/936718-20RTDVC.jpg), I was soaking goals through the middle faster than scoring them. All the time too, not just against the bottom teams. Maybe a sweeper or libero would work better than anchor man? I'm already trying a DM with def duty and it seems to be working ok. By the way, sadly, I have no footballing sense . While I did try making some tactics, the game was never as free-flowing and effective as I have it now.
  15. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-tactics-training/84547-kofloks-goals-galore-2012-a.html Everything is just like here except that my striker's a poacher. Do you need anything else?