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  1. Thanks for your reply and information. It would be good if a developer could give a definite answer as I am really enjoying my save and am in the first season.
  2. I have a save game started before the Caribou Cup fix regarding Euro Qualification. Will I need to start a new save game for the fix to work? I don't really want to start again but I will if I have to.
  3. I watched a match in 3D and a throw in taker did not take throw in and walked up side of pitch to gain territory but he went a very long way. It did not look right . I will send you a pkm named Chorley v Guisely through owncloud. It occurred on 35 mins and was a Guisely throw inn deep in their own half. If it is important I manage Chorley.
  4. I take your point but his first offence was before I took over the club. (I started unemployed). On a general point I must say I am enjoying the game, the last time I bought fm was fm 2015.
  5. Here are some screenshots for those interested.
  6. I have started with fictional players but I have only played half a season.
  7. I think you are right, and that is what I will do, I don't know if I will forgive him though.
  8. I have a player who went out drinking late and was absent for the next days match. Not only that he took a young player out with him. As it was a second offence I fined him a weeks wages and the younger player was warned as it was his first offence. The young player accepted the warning and I have forgiven him. The older player felt his fine was unjust and I told him assertively that I was right and to get on with playing football. He was still very angry. Because of his attitude I changed his status to not needed and transfer listed him against the advice of my assistant. I also put him in the under 18 squad even though he is well over 18. I have been unsuccessful in selling him even on a free. I have tried mutual termination, no go. I tried to release him on a free but the board blocked it as they can't afford to pay out his contract. I asked him to find himself a club, he wont. I am not saying this is a bug, far from it. I am just interested how you think this will play out, I will not have my authority challenged. I will not break promises, but I wont be pushed around.
  9. Hi I am managing Chorley. The player is Gary Curry. The save is called Gary Curry. He has now asked to leave . I have said no. I am afraid I do not have save from before assistant manager said to speak to him. I will send the save I have in the next few minutes.
  10. I would like to make it more transparent, could you tell me how please? Thanks.
  11. I have just taken over a team and have looked over the squad and played one game. I have a player who is injured at the moment. He is unhappy that he is not playing. He looks to me a good player and I fully intend to play him when he recovers. However my assistant has suggested I talk to him about his concern but when I look at the interaction option there is no option to tell him I intend to play him when he is recovered. The only options seem to be variations of yes I will play you or no I wont. I have therefore ignored him as I don't want to say any of the options.
  12. There are some interesting ideas here but I would hate the last one about relegation/promotion being no longer impossible. I follow football IRL and if the powers that be allowed a top league to have no promotion/relegation I would no longer follow football, I support a team outside the Premier League and I would not want the dream to be taken away. I would not follow real life football anymore. If the same dream was taken away in FM I would stop playing it.
  13. It worked. Thank you very much for your help.
  14. I have tried this without success on FM 2019. I did get it to work on FM 2015. I put the file in the skins/base19/panels folder. I also tried skins/base19 folder. Neither was successful I Cleared cache in preferences and selected reload skin on confirm and reload skin. Thank you for your help anyway. I do not think I made a mistake.
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