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  1. I so agree with your post. As it is a major bug which occurs at the pinnacle of a long career I would like it fixed in the version I have paid for! It is a shame because mostly this is an excellent game. I assume the AI managers have the same problem.
  2. On screens such as team of the week when my players are featured they are shown in blue. The players from other teams are shown in white. Does anyone know where on settings.xml I can change to change my players name from blue to white. Many thanks.
  3. Thanks for your reply and information. It would be good if a developer could give a definite answer as I am really enjoying my save and am in the first season.
  4. I have a save game started before the Caribou Cup fix regarding Euro Qualification. Will I need to start a new save game for the fix to work? I don't really want to start again but I will if I have to.
  5. I take your point but his first offence was before I took over the club. (I started unemployed). On a general point I must say I am enjoying the game, the last time I bought fm was fm 2015.
  6. Here are some screenshots for those interested.
  7. I have started with fictional players but I have only played half a season.
  8. I think you are right, and that is what I will do, I don't know if I will forgive him though.
  9. I have a player who went out drinking late and was absent for the next days match. Not only that he took a young player out with him. As it was a second offence I fined him a weeks wages and the younger player was warned as it was his first offence. The young player accepted the warning and I have forgiven him. The older player felt his fine was unjust and I told him assertively that I was right and to get on with playing football. He was still very angry. Because of his attitude I changed his status to not needed and transfer listed him against the advice of my assistant. I also put him in the under 18 squad even though he is well over 18. I have been unsuccessful in selling him even on a free. I have tried mutual termination, no go. I tried to release him on a free but the board blocked it as they can't afford to pay out his contract. I asked him to find himself a club, he wont. I am not saying this is a bug, far from it. I am just interested how you think this will play out, I will not have my authority challenged. I will not break promises, but I wont be pushed around.
  10. There are some interesting ideas here but I would hate the last one about relegation/promotion being no longer impossible. I follow football IRL and if the powers that be allowed a top league to have no promotion/relegation I would no longer follow football, I support a team outside the Premier League and I would not want the dream to be taken away. I would not follow real life football anymore. If the same dream was taken away in FM I would stop playing it.
  11. It worked. Thank you very much for your help.
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