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  1. Not a bug perhaps but certainly a clanger from SI in my book. As far as I was aware, this was not a pressing complaint among players and indeed it was a very convenient feature. When the 3D came in with the all-singing, all-dancing TV mode, with information being overlaid covering the pitch, it was imminently preferable to be able to switch to classic mode, watch the selected level of highlights and switch back (automatically) to split view with, for example, player ratings and match stats. It is regrettable that it is no longer possible to utilise the 3D mode in this way as it enabled us to strike the right balance between highlights and information.
  2. That's quite funny because Leekens has just stepped down from managing the Belgian national side in real life to join Club Brugge and replace Christoph Daum
  3. Apologies if this has already been suggested but if for example I have : Simon Cziommer AM C Maarten Martens AM LC Mounir El Hamdaoui AM/F C Nick van der Velden AM/F C and I sign Ismail Aissati to play as the central attacking midfielder, which makes Martens unhappy, I want to be able to tell Martens that my role for him in the team is to be (for example) the ML player, in other words I'd like there to be more detailed explanations available to the manager which tell the players their role in the side.
  4. In the player search facility, the ability to see which players are cup-tied for European competition that season.
  5. I would like there to be a screen that comes up only from about March onwards (for the Premiership season to give the example I best know) which contains the run in of the title contenders, maybe one for European contenders and one for the relegation dogfight. I would like this to incorporate the media/bookies predictions to show how they think the various races will pan out and for that to have an impact on the in-game teams.
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