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  1. In all I had 7 seasons with Man Utd, top rated Youth Facilities, top stats for Head of Youth, top training facilities etc etc. The best I managed in 7 years was a 2.5 PA. I've since started a new game as FC United of Manchester and have terrible facilities and poor coaches yet my first youth intake report suggests that I have a golden generation of players coming through. Go figure. I guess what you get appears to be completely random
  2. Try FIFA Career mode, you get offered an International job every week ;-)
  3. Managing Man Utd, 4 seasons in and the best young player i've had through the youth academy is 2.5 star Potential Ability and I can't work out why I can't improve on this. I have the below: State of art Youth Facilities Youth Level 1 Exceptional academy coaching Exceptional youth recruitment Head of youth development has these atributes: Working with Youngsters:19 Judging player ability:20 Judging player potential:19 Determination:20 4 seasons in I would have expected to gain at least a couple of 4-5 star PA youth play
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