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  1. Pazarspor - Turkish Second League White Group - 2018/19 Relegated! We looked safe for the majority of the season, but a seven-match winless run saw us just two points above the last relegation spot on the last day. We went down to ten men after 20 minutes, and went on to lose 2-1 at home, while nearest rivals Ankara won an extraordinary game 5-3 away from home against a team in the playoffs. I do like Turkey though, so will be staying here for another bash!
  2. @dkouv Unlucky in Europe, here's hoping for better next season! Did it have much effect on your finances? @theBlackPrince Consolidation is always good, nice to see a lot more youngsters getting more game time. Romania was a big mistake, so it's off to Turkey and.... Pazarspor - Turkish Second League White Group Profile Facilities Predicted to finish 18th out of 18, but I like the balance of the squad and expectations are low. Third time lucky?
  3. And we are straight back in with...… CS Sănătatea Servicii Publice Cluj - Romanian Second League Profile Club Overview I've managed to pick another league where five go down out of 20 - this may be another short stay.
  4. Spartak Vladikavkaz - Russian First Division - Season 2017/18 RELEGATED Went down with one game to go. Things were closer than I expected, and with four games to go we had a real chance of pulling ourselves out of trouble. We then failed to score for those four games, gaining one point and sealing our fate. Poor discipline also played a part, with seven red cards in the last 14 games crippling us with suspensions. One player stood out in the season, Abdulla Abatsiyev, but his card record (10 yellows and 3 reds) sums the team up. Our leading scorer finished with five goals, and it's pretty clear that we deserved to go down for that alone. On to the next country!
  5. @theBlackPrince - great job on the promotion and subsequent survival! Just a quick midseason update, things are not looking great for Vladikavkaz: 9 points adrift with 14 games to go means we need one hell of a turnaround to stay up. Goals have been our problem, with all three strikers having contributed 1 goal between them so far. Getting ready to choose a new country! The youth intake is mildly promising, I'll analyse in more detail should we beat the drop.
  6. Spartak Vladikavkaz Profile Overview Finances Here we go, it's back to Russia on FM17 to attempt this challenge. Spartak Vladikavkaz were formed from the ashes of Alania Vladikavkaz, and as a result have a huge stadium and pretty decent facilities. The squad seems a nice size with a few youngsters already present - we are still obviously favourites to go down, and with five teams going down in a 20 team league it's hard to argue!
  7. Good to see this challenge still going strong - think I attempted it (and failed) back in FM16 maybe? Anyway, going to give this a go on FM17, is it ok to post updates here?
  8. And it's over in Turkey.... 2 wins in 16 with us rooted to the bottom of the league saw me let go, and I don't blame them. I tried different tactics, more youngsters, less youngsters; none of it worked. Off I go to fail in a new country!
  9. Great season there Kazushi80, looks like you've got some quality youngsters there. What are your facilities like out of interest? Thanks for the tip regarding screenshots by the way, that's good thinking! Here are the mystery men: Savaş Karadağ (YP1a) Baran Dağ (YP2a) Good luck in Iceland grianaig, can't believe how it ended for you in Russia! Great stuff Dibond, I've abandoned my possession football style for the season and I miss it a lot! Third time lucky Shakes, I can feel it.
  10. HunterKiller - Büyüksehir Belediye Erzurumspor - 2017/18 - End of Season Report Competitions Turkish 2. League White Group - 11th - League Table A really frustrating season saw us finish disappointingly mid-table, 13 points worse off than last year. It all started so well; the first 11 games saw just 2 defeats and us at the top of the table. Things started to tail off though, and six defeats in a row meant we were out of the promotion race for good. A brief revival was followed by a 10-game stretch without a win to end the season, and we were actually looking over our shoulders with trepidation until the last couple of games as we were in real danger of being dragged into the relegation picture. We really struggled up front, Albayrak confirming my fears that last season was his peak. Ziraat Turkish Cup - Knocked out in 2nd round Played some kids, got knocked out. Sigh. Key Players Erhan Çelenk - Fans Player of the Year for the second season running, only let down by the lack of clinical finishing in front of him. Would like to see him score a few more, but that's being picky. We really miss him when he's injured. Ferit Erisçi - To underline our forward problems, Ferit was our top scorer with just 7 in 33 games. Also set up 8 from his right wing berth, but is another squad member closer to the end of his career than the start. Fatih Gül - Normally a right winger, found himself played through the middle alongside Çelenk for a large part of the season and did well. Will be leaving as I can't convince him to sign a new contract. Top Youths Savaş Karadağ (YP1a) - As predicted. Savas struggled to get games and had limited impact when he did get a chance. With Gül leaving I may well retrain him to CM, or may try to send him out on loan. Mustafa Çelik (YP1b) - Started a few games but failed to impress. Looks to be improving in training though, so will hopefully grow into the team next year. Tolga Aslan (YP1c) - Was voted Young Player of the Year for us and earned himself a tag in the process. Great passing skill and laid on 6 goals in just 10 starts, but injuries hampered his season. Ahmet Çetin (YP1d) - During our poor run I turned to youth to try and stem the flow of goals, and Cetin did well enough to earn himself a tag. Not entirely convinced as to how far he can develop though. The New Batch - Youth Candidates Another relatively disappointing bunch really; I was hoping for a decent left winger and maybe a striker but none that are first-team ready appeared - three tagged: Baran Dağ (YP2a) - Another that FM won't let me screenshot, he's a CM with a shedload of flair but not much else. Turgay Vergül (YP2b) - A left-footed CB to add to our growing collection, needs to work on marking, tackling and the physical side. Selami Tuna (YP2c) - Well, he's a striker. Given our current woes in that area, he could well be seeing game time next season and he can at least finish. Other Squad - A lot of these players aren't getting any younger, and we feel short in a number of key positions. Finances - In the black again this season with a nice healthy balance and increased sponsorship for next year. Transfers - None in, Balcı was a big loss in CM though. Next Season Well, we're getting upgrades and I'm on a coaching course. Apart from that, I think we're going to struggle in the league and I'm considering a tactical reshuffle to make us harder to beat but more boring to watch. Hopefully the next intake will save us!
  11. HunterKiller - Büyüksehir Belediye Erzurumspor - 2016/17 - End of Season Report Club Profile || Facilities Another young club - formed in 2010 this is their first season in the third tier of Turkish football. The council owned stadium is pretty impressive, and it seems like a well-run club in general. Competitions Turkish 2. League White Group - 7th - League Table It may be a young club, but the owners are ambitious - they demanded a mid-table finish which I managed to deliver fairly comfortably. As this shows, we were always round and about the playoff spots and indeed a win in our last game would have seen us snatch the last available berth. It wasn't to be however, and given the size of our squad I think that may have been a blessing in disguise as we are in no way ready for promotion yet. Highlight of the season was a 6-0 drubbing of Bandırmaspor where top scorer Albayrak banged in a hat-trick. The football we played was pleasing too throughout the year, adopting a pressing and possession game that troubled the majority of teams home and away. Ziraat Turkish Cup - Knocked out in 2nd round This may look like a better cup run than it was - we entered in the second round. Key Players Erhan Çelenk - Absolutely outstanding. My playmaker, everything goes through him in midfield. Stayed injury-free, and that may well have been the key to our successful season. Voted our Player of the Year, named in the division's Team of the Year and came second in Player of the Year for the division. Mehmet Albayrak - 21 goals in 33 appearances is a great return, popped up with crucial goals when they were most needed. Is starting to decline, but I hope he has at least one more good season left in him. Murat Paluli - At 22 the youngest player in the first team squad (which is worrying in itself). Missed just one game at right back and his delivery from wide areas caused chaos all year. Honourable mention to Serdar Deniz, who chipped in with 12 goals and 7 assists from the right wing position. Youths - Youth Candidates Not a great intake if I'm honest, with the squad feeling stretched towards the end of the season and key players starting to decline I could really have done with four or five who look like they could step up. As it is, just two tagged this year: Savaş Karadağ (YP1a) - Good pace, flair and technique. My tactic doesn't use an AMC and we are pretty deep at AMR so it may be a struggle for him next season. FM won't let me take a screenshot for some reason? Mustafa Çelik (YP1b) - Relatively useful for cover at CB and LB where my oldest players are at present. Not entirely convinced by his performances for the U19s though. Other Squad - As mentioned elsewhere, a lot of these are getting on a bit (my first choice CBs and LB have a combined age of 108) and there is a worrying lack of cover in MC and AML which hopefully future intakes can fix. Finances - Nice and solid actually, we seem to turn a profit most months and are way within the wage budget. A nice healthy average attendance of 2371 probably helps there. The board aren't keen on youth improvements yet, but I'm hoping if we can turn a profit again next season that will change. Transfers - Nothing interesting here. Next Season Hopefully we can have another relatively comfortable league campaign, and I'd like to try and blood the two tagged youths at least throughout the season. The next intake will be key though, and I desperately need it to be good to replace my ageing back four. I also want to improve the facilities, and maybe sneak in a coaching badge for my development.
  12. Solid stuff jugular and Kazushi80! After failing in three different countries, I'm going to try Turkey. Let's see if I can make it four!
  13. Brilliant work Bartrcm, great news about the financials as well. Do you think you have the quality for Serie B? I tried Spain but couldn't get into it - also lasted about 12 games in Finland before getting sacked. Back to Denmark I think!
  14. HunterKiller - Boldklubben Søllerød-Vedbæk - 2017/18 - End of Season Report (Relegated) Competitions Autumn Season - Group 1 - 7th - League Table A much better showing than last season, doubling our number of wins and finishing one place higher. We marched onto the Relegation Stage with confidence, beginning on top and with a belief that we would be comfortable. Relegation Stage - 11th - League Table Horrible. 1 win in 16 games (scoring just seven goals) condemned us to relegation as well it should. Still not entirely sure where everything went wrong, although the lack of a clinical striker was certainly a contributor. The defence was okay, but we could never really get the attack firing at all, with four or five different strikers used and all failing to impress. Danish Cup - Knocked out in 1st round What cup? Next Season Er....try Spain?
  15. Thanks Sanno11 & TheGreatTraveler! I've decided I like the league structure a lot, it really gives you a chance to atone for a bad start which I am notorious for on FM! Alania look interesting grianaig, I have fond memories of the Russian league from attempting this challenge with Avangard Kursk on FM14 I think? Are there still five relegation places in the First Division?
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