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  1. Pazarspor - Turkish Second League White Group - 2018/19 Relegated! We looked safe for the majority of the season, but a seven-match winless run saw us just two points above the last relegation spot on the last day. We went down to ten men after 20 minutes, and went on to lose 2-1 at home, while nearest rivals Ankara won an extraordinary game 5-3 away from home against a team in the playoffs. I do like Turkey though, so will be staying here for another bash!
  2. @dkouv Unlucky in Europe, here's hoping for better next season! Did it have much effect on your finances? @theBlackPrince Consolidation is always good, nice to see a lot more youngsters getting more game time. Romania was a big mistake, so it's off to Turkey and.... Pazarspor - Turkish Second League White Group Profile Facilities Predicted to finish 18th out of 18, but I like the balance of the squad and expectations are low. Third time lucky?
  3. And we are straight back in with...… CS Sănătatea Servicii Publice Cluj - Romanian Second League Profile Club Overview I've managed to pick another league where five go down out of 20 - this may be another short stay.
  4. Spartak Vladikavkaz - Russian First Division - Season 2017/18 RELEGATED Went down with one game to go. Things were closer than I expected, and with four games to go we had a real chance of pulling ourselves out of trouble. We then failed to score for those four games, gaining one point and sealing our fate. Poor discipline also played a part, with seven red cards in the last 14 games crippling us with suspensions. One player stood out in the season, Abdulla Abatsiyev, but his card record (10 yellows and 3 reds) sums the team up. Our leading scorer finished with five goals, and it's
  5. @theBlackPrince - great job on the promotion and subsequent survival! Just a quick midseason update, things are not looking great for Vladikavkaz: 9 points adrift with 14 games to go means we need one hell of a turnaround to stay up. Goals have been our problem, with all three strikers having contributed 1 goal between them so far. Getting ready to choose a new country! The youth intake is mildly promising, I'll analyse in more detail should we beat the drop.
  6. Spartak Vladikavkaz Profile Overview Finances Here we go, it's back to Russia on FM17 to attempt this challenge. Spartak Vladikavkaz were formed from the ashes of Alania Vladikavkaz, and as a result have a huge stadium and pretty decent facilities. The squad seems a nice size with a few youngsters already present - we are still obviously favourites to go down, and with five teams going down in a 20 team league it's hard to argue!
  7. Good to see this challenge still going strong - think I attempted it (and failed) back in FM16 maybe? Anyway, going to give this a go on FM17, is it ok to post updates here?
  8. Avangard Kursk - Russian First Division - Season 2013-14 League Table Positions Summary A nice solid season saw us safely in 9th position, 13 points clear of relegation. At the winter break it did look as though we had a chance of sneaking a playoff place, however three wins in the last eleven games put paid to that. The defence was joint fourth in the league, but an inability to find the net cost us too many points in my eyes. All in all, quite a satisfying year and one that will hopefully mean that we can safely feed more youngsters into the first team next season. Top Performers
  9. Braumiller - you will be one unpopular manager! XaW - that is a real shame - greedy little so and so! Has he played for the national team?
  10. Congrats Braumiller, great stuff! So strange to see a formation without strikers, but it's obviously working! Hopefully promotion and the stadium upgrades will help secure financial stability
  11. Good perseverance Elsmurfo! Avangard Kursk Take II is going well, 5th after 22 games. Only 13 points clear of the last relegation spot though!
  12. Cheers TM - I feel more comfortable already! Welcome and good luck Scarletrion & westa03
  13. The fact that I knew Kursk had the potential to have a better stab at this challenge really. Last time I cleared iut the older players far too quickly, which meant that the younger players had to produce straight away. There were a load of promising youngsters that came through, and I just didn't get the same feeling for Marbella. I think I actually love this team, which is weird!
  14. Thanks for all the kind words re Spain - I completed a full season with Marbella and finished bang on midtable in 11th. Something kept nagging at me though, so it was back to the start screen.... And it's back to Kursk :o Profile
  15. Cheers aldojags! It is a difficult challenge, but it has really got me into FM13 when I was struggling to find a save to hold my interest... Off to sunny Spain I go, and the holiday hotspot of Marbella. Possibly most famous as one of Carl Cort's former employers (), they seem to have a decent infrastructure and reasonable expectations of 11th. Squad is a bit thin, and there are only two players in the under-18s at present. Still, if I last more than two seasons I'll be happy Profile
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