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  1. Oh ok I have been putting grey highlighted players on as subs as I haven't got much of a squad, I have only played 2 games so far so I'll just stop using them instead of starting again.
  2. I only have one keeper as my other keeper has just retired, god knows what Ill do if my keeper gets injured, are you allowed to play grey highlighted players.
  3. I've got to try and be the best team I can be, it might be easy but has anyone completed this challenge yet, if it gets too easy Ill start again with a different team.
  4. Just took over as Chester, successfully upgraded junior coaching to adequate and youth recruitment to basic.
  5. Sorry another quick question how do I find English Season Summary as Im currently unemployed, sorry for sounding like an idiot just never done this before.
  6. Sorry another question, do I apply for jobs for newly promoted teams as Im unemployed at the start or do I retire and start as a manager of a newly promoted club ?
  7. Yeah cool just wanted to clarify before I start, cheers for the advice, Ill keep everyone updated but Im not going to post photos on here or put as much detail Im doing unoffically for my entertainment.
  8. Hi guys can someone just clarify a rule for me before I start this challenge, are you allowed to sign players on free transfers or loans or can you only stick with the squad you have.
  9. Fresh challenge for fm12

    What teams are you usually, try a different country or try to copy your favorite managers history like Sir Alex Ferguson so you start as manager of St.Mirren then go to Aberdeen and then finally Man Utd.
  10. Nah I have got the latest patch, I have also downloaded a data update on the editors hideaway and he was at Man Utd on that update, anyway ended up 8th in the league which aint bad but was aiming for higher.
  11. Yeah but they were just free transfers and most of them didn't work out, my main team is usually this GK-Al Habsi RB - Clyne or Stam LB - Figueora DC - Craig Dawson DC - Birger Maertens or Alcarez DMC - Diame DMC - Felipe Anderson AMC - Dos Marcos AMC - Crusat or Moses AMC Watson or McCarthy FWD - Macheda or Moses I'm now down to 8th in the league after losing like 7 games in a row, my morale is terrible, tried changing a formation but didn't work and tried team meetings but made it worse lol.
  12. Yeah I have given managing Wigan a go and enjoying it, I am currently 5th in the league with 11 games to go, major signings have been Macheda on loan then signed for 5m in Jan, Clyne from Palace and Zaha aswell but sent Zaha on loan to get some experience, also signed Craig Dawson who has been a rock in defense for me and Jack Butland as backup for Al-Habsi. Made 20 in transfers mainly selling Rodegella, Caldwell, Gomez, Thomas, Sammon, Gohouri, Maloney, Boyce, Piscu, also released Kirkland on a free, my bank balance is currently 3m. Im using a 4-5-1 formation.
  13. Are the teams in the lowest league on here real teams or made up teams, also is there logopacks for the lowest leagues, I've downloaded the logopacks that have been recommended to me on here so far but still want the lower American leagues logos.