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  1. Hamburg, Willem II, UD Ibiza, 1860 Munich, Auxerre, Djurgarden. Try not to sign anyone other than frees and youth players
  2. Real Betis if spain. Torino, italy. Bremen, Germany. Palermo are really good too but in Italian second division. Had some great big strikers over the years like Atlético did
  3. Hi, Anyone know how to turn off highlight key attributes?(see screenshot) I cant find where to keep if off on this years version. Last year i just checked it off then saved and reloaded the game and it stayed off and never came back on. Thanks.
  4. dobbie at queen of the south. cheap and would do for a year. striker
  5. felix djoubairou cm/dm playmaker, improves loads!
  6. Yes! too much money to turn down. Get grujic from liverpool on loan or sign to replace parejo or carles alena who i just bought at betis in 3rd season for 13mil from barcelona. As for striker im not too sure as i still have same striker i started save off with and a regen back up
  7. i go them every year after the January window update. Gennaro Ruggiero is quality once hes back from loan, ive signed him this year for my betis team to replace javi garcia. Mansueto & Polanso(spelling, hes also a cb) both become good so dont need to buy cbs. La gumina is good for back up. Bentivenga and la faso were goal machines for me in FM17 on the wings as inside forwards but i think bentivenga has went down alot this year and both are out on loan at start. Santoro in fm17 was by far my best player as a box to box but his stats were poor but always got double figures in goals for me.
  8. Per-Magnus Steiring Felix Horn Myhre Kristoffer Ajer John hou Saeter Jorgen Strand Larsen
  9. Had him at hammarby for a season finished second, he was first choice cb and again in my real betis game and i finished 4th in first season. After a season he goes down alot in physical, but very good for a season also good for tutor. So cheap on wages too
  10. callum smith, matthew knox and tony gallacher all great for under 100k too
  11. try sideline, i used to play elevated too. its nearly the same just abit closer
  12. Gençlerbirliği for me, never played in turkey before and hopefully break the big 3 and bring glory to the capital for the first time
  13. Best league to play, im palermo just now. Always play Italian league when going for long save. Great regens too
  14. 1. Kristoffer Ajer 2. John hou Saeter 3. Felix horn Myhre 4. Riccardo Mansueto 5. Alberto Paloschi
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