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  1. Just got the Merry Xmas! Achievement, changed my computers date to 25th December and arranged the friendly!
  2. I am playing a 4-3-2-1. No wingers. Piquionne - Cole Nolan Taylor - Noble - Collison Ilunga - Camporese - Tomkins - Faubert Green I brought in Camporese in on loan, also signed Materazzi as cover on free transfer (not bad for 37 and low wages for 1 year). I have just signed Frimpong on loan so I can rotate the midfielders. 4 league games in and I am top, 4 wins (Millwall away, Leicester home, Coventry away, Bristol City home) 8 goals scored 0 conceded. Also beat Torquay in the cup 2-0 (despite having 8 players on international duty!) Hopefully I can keep up the current form
  3. hi ruci First this is a great ingame tool. I have been using it since FM08. I saw you posted (on here or on bracasoft forums) that for player happiness it just said motive 1-64 rather than what it is, and you would get somebody to work it out for a future version. Well i have done that so here it is, and also its here for those that want it now. I have separated it into slight concerns and major concerns: Major Concerns Motive 1 Wants to move to a bigger club Motive 2 Feels he deserves an improved contract Motive 3 Is angry that you don't consider him to be a first team regular Motive 4 Unhappy at being fined Motive 5 Worried about his future at the club Motive 9 Wants a new challenge Motive 14 Dislikes you and finds you difficult to work with Motive 17 Wants to be transfer listed Motive 27 Feels his pay should match the top players at the club Motive 33 Feels the manager may be considering replacing him Motive 34 Worried by the rumours that the club is signing a replacement for him Motive 35 Feels there is too much competition for a first team place Motive 37 Feels the club needs more squad depth to sustain its league form Motive 38 Unhappy at the sale of the club's star player Motive 39 ? Motive 63 Unhappy at being told he won't play first-team football for the club again Slight Concerns Motive 6 Having some difficulties adjusting to the English lifestyle Motive 7 Has personal problems Motive 8 Is unhappy at not being allowed to move clubs Motive 10 Feels he has been victimised by you Motive 11 Unhappy at treatment of team-mate Motive 12 Dislikes (player) Motive 13 Dislikes the club's assistant manager Motive 15 Feels he deserves a more important role in the team Motive 16 Feels his training regime is harming his development Motive 18 Is starting to feel homesick Motive 19 Unhappy at being asked to have an injection which could potentially harm his career Motive 20 Doesn't want to leave the club Motive 21 Feels that he needs to be rested Motive 22 Unsure of his future at the club after being stripped of the captaincy Motive 23 Unhappy at being substituted Motive 24 Concerned at the financial upheaval Motive 25 Starting to feel pressured by the club's high valuation of him Motive 26 Feels that referees in England are victimising him Motive 28 Feels you are obstructing any chance of his leaving the club Motive 29 Worried by the lack of managerial discipline Motive 30 Disappointed by the lack of harmony at the club Motive 31 Thinks the club may be underachieving Motive 32 Considering leaving the club under the bosman ruling Motive 36 Feels you don't listen to your players Motive 40 Has been unsettled by the recent transfer speculation Motive 41 Hasn't settled as well as he would like In the area Motive 42 Feels you aren't giving the team enough credit Motive 43 Feels you have been too harsh on the team recently Motive 44 Feels you are confusing the players with your dressing room team-talks Motive 45 Feels you have been putting unnecessary pressure on the players Motive 46 Feels certain players are being given more credit than others Motive 47 Is unhappy with the way you talk to the players on matchday Motive 48 Believes that you need to show more leadership and guidance in the dressing room Motive 49 Is unhappy with the assistant manager's team talks Motive 50 Has lost confidence in his manager's ability Motive 51 Worried that the club may be forced to sell its best players Motive 52 Is unhappy at your withdrawal of him from his international squad Motive 53 ? Motive 54 Doesn't want to be forced out of the club Motive 55 Worried that the manager doesn't rate him as a player Motive 56 Wants reassurance regarding his role at the club Motive 57 Feels his critics are right and he is past his best Motive 58 Feeling the pressure of public expectation Motive 59 Feels the media have been overly critical of him Motive 60 Feels the manager doesn't rate him highly enough Motive 61 Will not be forced out of the club by the administrators Motive 62 Wants to play as a/an (favoured position) Motive 64 Doesn't want to be forced out of the club/Concerned at the clubs willingness to listen to offers for him As you can see Motive 39 and Motive 53 didnt show on the players i tested it with. Hope that helps Aaron
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