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  1. Any suggestions for a 451 away tactic? Using Preachin Blues Vol 5 which is working well at home
  2. What is the time period is before you can sign a Brazilian player on a pre-contract? The scout report says he can be signed on a pre-contract immediately but the option isn't there when I go on his profile
  3. Nope and new game didn't work eitherGetting a new error when I go on Downloads now though "An error occurred requesting the virtual balance. Error code 1"
  4. I tried a couple of times but got the error message, waited a little while then went back to try and it just says Already PurchasedJust double checked and on my save it says In-Game Editor Allowed - Yes
  5. It is telling me I have already purchased the in-game editor but I don't have access to it in-game
  6. My current attempt at 3 at the back with San Marino Had enough of sitting back and getting pummelled all last season, trying to be a bit better on the ball instead of jusT hoofing it long and having it come straight back at me. Want to get us passing well and retaining possession (they cant score if they dont have the ball ) while also being a threat on the counter where possible Any striking errors or suggestions on anything I should change to improve it? Only one thing, I would prefer to have LM/RM rather than full backs or wing backs due to personnel limitations
  7. Having trouble adding columns to Customise the view in Squad and during the Team Selection screens. Hard to resize them individually and some are missing at the right hand side even though there is plenty of room for them
  8. I keep getting this message nearly every time I try to save the game. It crashes and closes, and then the save game cannot be loaded And it creates a ton of backup files like this Anyone know a fix or getting the same?
  9. I preordered the game already and got the Beta code but I had to cancel my preorder because I now have an Air without a disc drive (obviously not knowing I could enter the code you get with the disc copy) How can I upgrade from Beta to Full version now? Steam says I already have the game Thanks
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