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  1. I'm sorry to say I left at the end of season 5. The vultures came in to unsettle my squad and take the talent, and I didn't feel like the rebuild. I took the Real Madrid job when they offered it to me and took Bellingham with me. I'm now in 2025 and plan to go into a 4 year spell of international management after the world cup. Hopefully it works out and Azzurri want me.
  2. I've done 5 seasons at Sampdoria and only just won my first trophy (The Italian Cup). This has been an unusually difficult save for me owing to the spending power of the big clubs and the non eu player rules. Last season I had terrible luck. I won the Italian cup, finished 5th in the league and lost in the Europa League semi finals. But down the final stretch I got injuries to 3 of my 4 wingers plus my star midfielder and striker. I won 2 out of the last 8 league games and lost the title by 9 points. The only players still around from the start are Audero, Murru and Vieira. Best signings have been Pirola (£2.1m), Bellingham (£7.25m) and Esposito (£6.75m). Unfortunately my team that is finally capable of winning titles is going to be ripped apart by the vultures at the elite clubs. Fun save though.
  3. Funnily enough, I came on this thread to post the same thing
  4. Picked him up for my Sampdoria side in 22/23 and he has been exceptional as a mezzala in midfield. I added Runs with the ball often to his player traits and Italy thinks it's seen Gazza 2.0
  5. The year is 2028 and I'm about to resign as manager of AZ Alkmaar. I need a new challenge, a new thrill. I've decided that it will come from International management. But one thing is for certain, my legacy will live on forever at AZ. A single Champions League win is somewhat disappointing but 7 League titles from a possible 9 is a record I'm very proud of, especially my final season in which I went unbeaten: It feels like the time has come where my team will be picked apart. Being knocked out of the Champions League in the Quarter finals each of the last 2 years, has left some of my World Class talent wanting to move on with the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Man City and Liverpool all circling like vultures. If the team stays together, then perhaps the new manager can keep the glory going. Here is a glimpse of my stars. The Academy Products The Long Term Ever Presents The Brazilian The Big Money Superstars I'm going to wait patiently and see which International opportunities come up and lead a country into the 2030 World Cup. Who knows after that...
  6. I don't, mainly because I got some ridiculous offers. I'll give you the lowdown: Gullit, Peer Koopmeiners and Ooisjing were never good enough on my save. They've all gone on to be regular starters for mid level Eredivisie teams though. Teun Koomeiners was my favourite. My captain and the rock I built my first 2 title winning seasons around. However, in the 4th season Internazionale came along with £36.5m which the board accepted over my head and off he went. He's now playing for West Ham. Kenzo Goudmijn probably has had the most success out of all of the golden generation. He won 4 League Titles with me before Real Madrid paid £55m for him. Owen Wijndal left me quite early before I was a strong enough club to keep him. After our 2nd title winning season, he moved to Arsenal for £36m and he's still their left back now. Myron Boadu was another that left in Season 4 after 2 titles. He insisted on a minimum release fee of £52m and Inter paid it. He's now at Chelsea after they spent £78m on him.
  7. Matias Arezo - Can be signed for just under £3m at the start of the game (but won't join you until he's 18). Probably not so much of a hidden gem any more but he is so good. He's just scored the winning goal in the Champions League final for my AZ team in 2025 and is currently valued at £59m. Jesus Vasquez - A wing back with loads of pace. He had a release fee at the end of season 2 on my save of £3.2m in the Valencia B team. No idea if he can be signed for less at the start. But at the age of 23 (in my save currently), he is exceptional and has broken into the Spain team.
  8. So I thought I'd post these players again, 3 years on. My AZ team has just somehow won the Champions League but my players are so in demand that I fear the team will be broken up this summer. Biberoglu is now my club captain. He's a fan favourite at the club, a regular for his country and pretty much a world class player. De Jonge is my vice captain, a regular for his country and absolute rock in my defence. Miladinovic is the most likely to leave. He has a £100m release clause and Barcelona have been interested for about 6 months. Svilar was very injury prone. He hasn't reached his potential and is a squad player for me now. I upgraded with the below Brazilian superstar but he wants to move to a bigger club and Real Madrid are sniffing around.
  9. My assistant manager earning his salary by recommending training for my B Team goalkeeper:
  10. Anyone made a start this quick to a game before? My team actually hit the post with a chance before scoring the first goal as well. Perhaps more bizarrely, I won the game 3-1.
  11. A close 3rd is Diogo Jota moving from Wolves to Juventus for £74m. But the man occupying number 2 and number 1 spot is Alex Iwobi...
  12. They both start in the under 19's team, but Goudmijn can be a fringe player from the start and Taabouni was playing in Eredivisie on loan in his second season until I lost Idrissi and brought him back to start. I'm at the beginning of my 4th season and this is what they look like:
  13. I'm playing as AZ Alkmaar and focusing around youth, so 4 seasons in and 90% of my team are regens. It's hard to pick a favourite, I've rounded it down to 4 It's possibly Biberoglu from my first youth intake, who I retrained into a central midfielder and now he's been capped by the Dutch national team Possibly De Jonge, who came from my 2nd youth intake and who's potential sky-rocketed once I gave him a few games. He's now my vice captain: Miladinovic was the first wonderkid (not already at AZ) that I attracted to the club. I signed him from Napredak in Serbia, paying £1m for a 16 year old, but I had to wait until he was 18 to join me. He's now my main holding midfielder and playing for his country: Finally, Svilar. This guy is my best. He cost me £3m from Partizan Belgrade, but scored 10 goals from the wing in his debut season. He's already rated as my best player:
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