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  1. A close 3rd is Diogo Jota moving from Wolves to Juventus for £74m. But the man occupying number 2 and number 1 spot is Alex Iwobi...
  2. They both start in the under 19's team, but Goudmijn can be a fringe player from the start and Taabouni was playing in Eredivisie on loan in his second season until I lost Idrissi and brought him back to start. I'm at the beginning of my 4th season and this is what they look like:
  3. I'm playing as AZ Alkmaar and focusing around youth, so 4 seasons in and 90% of my team are regens. It's hard to pick a favourite, I've rounded it down to 4 It's possibly Biberoglu from my first youth intake, who I retrained into a central midfielder and now he's been capped by the Dutch national team Possibly De Jonge, who came from my 2nd youth intake and who's potential sky-rocketed once I gave him a few games. He's now my vice captain: Miladinovic was the first wonderkid (not already at AZ) that I attracted to the club. I signed him from Napredak in Serbia, paying £1m for a 16 year old, but I had to wait until he was 18 to join me. He's now my main holding midfielder and playing for his country: Finally, Svilar. This guy is my best. He cost me £3m from Partizan Belgrade, but scored 10 goals from the wing in his debut season. He's already rated as my best player:
  4. AZ Alkmaar is a fantastic save. An exciting young squad with some real quality to allow you to challenge for the Eredivisie over the longer term. Wijndal, Koopmeiners, Goudmijn, Stengs, Taabouni, Idrissi and Boadu are all great talents, under 21 to build around. Plus they have great youth facilities to use as the focus of a long term save.
  5. I've been having the exact same problem on my mac, it just occurred when I loaded up my saved game. I've tried starting new games, uninstalling and going back to old updates and the problem still remains.
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