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  1. A couple of questions before I consider purchasing: Whats the UI like this year? Couldn't stand it last year and it really put me off playing. How does the scouting work this time? Similar to last year with the buying packages and all that?
  2. I would agree with Dagenham Dave that there is a really good game hiding beneath the surface but unfortunately it's hidden beneath a lot of stuff that just makes it a real chore to play. The matches really, really drag with the duffness of the UI, the weird format of going through a game, and odd lags where nothing appears to be happening. The whole thing makes actually playing through a match an oddly disconnecting experience with me in turns waiting in boredom, cursing at the screen in frustration, and generally feeling like I'm not really that involved.
  3. Ha ha! Just checked and you are quite right. The fact I only just spotted it does suggest two things though: 1). I'm an idiot, 2). Its too small a tab and easily missed (by idiots). No idea why it only shows one formation at a time though and not both teams, the formation box is tiny.
  4. The screen in-between highlights which has one team list on one side of the screen and one on the other with a central match info column with a pitch showing incidents, some stats, and a focus of attacks pitch. I've tried it windowed and full screen and maybe it is a matter of resolution but on that screen there is nothing other than the players lists to gauge what the formation is.
  5. This pre-match screen always raises a laugh with me, I have rarely seen anything so amateurish in a game released by a large studio; the players faces combined with the silhouettes remind me of one of those whack a mole things you see at the seaside. Much worse, if not quite as amateurish to look at, is the none highlights in match screen. You can't view your player attributes with the 'i' icon as for some reason there is no 'i' icon on this screen. You can't see what formation your opposition may have changed to because that information isn't available on this screen. Customization? Not
  6. I know but if you click on tactics from the match you get the pitch view (the horizontal pitch with the formation of your players). This screen contains very little useful information. The list view contains more info but not the pitch and formation. If you want both you have to click on tactics in the top right and you are taken to a screen which contains both sets of information. There is no reason this isn't the default tactics screen (this screen also has the highlight for positions a player can play lacking from the other screens)
  7. You can but for some unfathomable reason it isn't the default screen, you have to click the little icon for it at the top right of the tactics pitch horizontal formation view. The tactics screen which features the pitch and list views should be the only screen, the separate ones are completely pointless. And the little quick sub/ mentality etc change icons would be much improved with a wild new idea: words to tell you what they are. I don't know what a circle with little dots means but I can read.
  8. Has the little scouting icon for when you are, unsurprisingly, scouting a player disappeared for all players you have asked to be scouted? I ask for a player to be scouted and on the players tab in the scouting section the only way I know if a player is being scouted is looking at them individually. Does it now only appear once the actual scouting has taken place? This post was bought to you by the words scouting and scouted. Also, I agree with a lot of the post above about the UI but without as much in the way of histrionics. I feel that about half the screens in the g
  9. On to a match now and the half time changing of tactics is a chore. The tactics screen with the pitch and player positions and the list of players and the roles they can play is available but you have to click on tactics and then find and click on the tiny tactics box (top rightish with a square and three dots) to get to it. This should be the default screen as it is the only one with all the info you need on it, other wise the info you want is split in two. An odd choice. Also, whereas previously the pre-match went through set up, opposition, team talk etc now setting up opposition instr
  10. Only just downloaded and not got very far at all yet but a few things have immediately leapt out at me: The design a manager feature is as badly implemented as last year. I just want to stick a silly photo in of me and not bother with the process of designing myself. Anyone of 5 feet 10 over eleven stone has a paunch like someone with a horrific disease How do I look at the team and players before I choose? Presumably there somewhere but I couldn't immediately find it When you hover over the ‘i’ on a player the fade to black for the background is needlessly off-putting
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