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  1. Never noticed it before, but some clubs in the lower leagues have an U23 and an U18 squad, some have nothing at all? Is that something which can change over time? EDIT : Did some research, found somebody did the same with Tranmere, so answered my own question in that they could come eventually.
  2. Honiton also in the SWPL1 East also, they appear in that league in your DB.
  3. If only local clubs got those attendances!! Lucky to get 300 these days at my local club Tiverton Town. Will start a new game when you release the update
  4. Was literally just about to comment that my little Elmore side are bringing in a crowd of more than 1500 each game
  5. You should set up one of those justgiving type pages. Definitely would buy you a pint or two for your efforts!
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