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  1. Hello, will the fantasy draft be polished in the new version? We are playing it quite regularly and noticed some very annoying things: 1) Language/Adapbility plays a big role! You need to choose your starting country carefully and fill it with player from there. e.g. Starting in Madrid/Spain and picking players from Ateltico / Real is very strong, while the same players in e.g. Berlin/Germany are playing WAY worse Actually it's a nice OPTIONAL Feature - but since it's "Fantasy" it should be optional! 2) Fixed money I've already stated this into the beta of 2016. PLEASE make it possible to ADJUST the amount of money you have. So you can enter a plain number and not only choose it from 3 varieties. 3) League/Cup Rules Make it possible to create League/Cup Rules! So you can create your custom League. e.g.: No more than 3 non-EU Players, Maximum 25 Players, maximum of 3 above 23-yo players etc. Would be a great addition!
  2. I'd love to see improved tactics for standards. - More Playerpositions - More Player instructions And a fix for following problem: You are placing Positions on the tactic board, but chosing single players for standards. Example: Having my Player on MCL as taker and my ACM as "Offer short Option" and then Instructet to "Play Short". Now I need to substitute my ACM and move my MCL on his spot. Bringing a new MCL from bench. No one will be close anymore...
  3. Would like you to keep good changes from the past and not "overdo" new things. e.g. You removed Squad Status, Add to Development List etc. from "Transfers" while beeing at a Players profile. Prozone is nice, but a bit unhandy. Also there is no more Percentage of passes completed. You are like adding 10 new good things with every year but removing 7 good things from past versions at the same time. And well, moving Weight and Height of a player from left to right of his overview doesn't make any sense at all, beside saying "we wanted to make it look new so people think we did more than we actually did"
  4. 1. every single "View" I created got deleted. And trying to import them bugs. 2. All my tactics got cracked from 100% to like nothing. Some saves are next to 0 now. During Mid-Season... Just an example from current open game: 3. Various Players still having contract for 4 years or more asking for improved contracts out of nothing on the first "continue" click I did. 4. I closed the game 5. I won't give you any feedbacks or Bug-Reports, I did this on beta and all I got was a ban and bugs are still in.... If you go on like this you might just only fell with EA getting charged (...)
  5. Hey! I am used to play in germany. I got an additional file to get lower leagues. Reserve teams aren't allowed to get higher than 3rd league, I'd like to remove that rule. Why? Simply: I'd like to see my reserve rising on a long-term save and maybe even face them in e.g. champions league - just for fun. If there is someone who can help me I'd love him! Download ThomasH Advanced germany file: http://www.file-upload.net/download-7292589/1.045.dbc.html
  6. Okay here we go, my posts need mod approvement to be shown? Somehow my post disappears an I got no notification about it? Are you damn serious? Your game is NO FUN at all and If you want to post on your forum you just deny negative feedback? Seriously, this one was the last FM I bought from SIgames. Cheers from a customer since 2009, wo enjoyed former versions.
  7. After 100 hours of FM14 and another 100 hours of frustration I won't comment this game anymore... It's just another beta, like FM13 was... SI should really work on this, otherwise you'll lose another customer. http://www7.pic-upload.de/thumb/03.11.13/1z2y27mm7kx.png[/img] http://www7.pic-upload.de/thumb/03.11.13/3kpteoyr66t.png[/img] http://www7.pic-upload.de/thumb/03.11.13/aj59krgsx5x4.png[/img] http://www7.pic-upload.de/thumb/03.11.13/d9y16h5scpe.png[/img]
  8. Yes I know, but that description is nowhere of any use for me. Additionally there is no single phrase about default settings. Like I can tell my Midfielders to shoot more and to shoot less. But what are the default settings for a e.g. CM with Defend/Support or Attack duty? Does my CM on support duty shoots less often than my CM on attack duty? or do I need to tell him? I don't want to try out all possible scenarios. Vice Versa I don't need a 100% report about the ME. All I want is a proper understanding. On former managers I used the bars to set up my players. I believe nowadays I select CM(a) and he gets a hidden "sometimes" on dribblings and I can tell him to dribble more often -> changes it to "often" or to dribble less so it gets a "rarely" ? Does it work like that? If so what are the default settings for the roles? How does Team Instruction affect this? (...)
  9. Hey, I'm going to freak out on FM14... I've got no clue about those roles I can choose from. I really would like to see a proper instruction about the tactic-system and how it works. (Including Player-Roles, Team-/Player-Instructions) It seems to be impossible to get all information on your own about those. And I really think It shouldn't be like this - at least I'm not willing to spend hours and hours again just to understand the specific roles and instructions until I'm finally able to start a proper Save-game... (I stopped playing the beta and I'm really frustrated, even after 50 hours of playing I didn't get the difference between an Engache and a Trequarista or a Anchor man and a Half back. Since I did well on FM 2011-2013 I don't think I'm too stupid for FM14... But getting fired on the Beta over and over again after not suceeding during the first quarter of the season - mainly because Tactics weren't working - I tried out a lot and nothing really worked -> cuz i didn't understand the roles/instructions (...) Since i'm getting fired over and over again I even can't try out enough to get a proper understanding and that just sucks. All I want is to play, not to figure out how the system works and beat It with a lucky punch...
  10. I'm very sorry but i don't see it? This thread "general..." is at the top :S
  11. Hey I'm playing an online save with some friends and someone kinda trolled us... He joined Liverpool and went into holidays with his manager, but then he never joined us again and seems to not care about us... We really would like to kick that manager out of our game since he blocks that liverpool spot for new mates ---> He saved his Manager with password, so we can't take controll of him... Any ideas? thanks in advance
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