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  1. 1 minute ago, Reiss Munro said:

    That is completely incomparable. What I’m stating is that the players are underrated in the game which they are! I’m not for one second saying they’re comparable to legends of the club. That counter argument is ridiculous to even suggest


    Until you actually understand what Stuart is trying to tell you about the in game star system and what it's for, you're going to keep howling into the wind.

  2. 1 minute ago, Stuart Milne said:

    If you have a look a few posts up you'll see that what you are defining as CA/PA and what we are defining as CA/PA are different.

    I'm talking about how we actually rate them, while you are talking about how your coaches or scouts are rating them within the game based upon what they see as Rangers aspirational level.

    So, if you think Rangers team is full of 5 star players at Rangers level, then fine, but if I was a Rangers fan, I'd look at Katic, Barisic and Tavernier and think "Well if we assume Brian Laudrup, Paul Gascoigne etc are five stars, these guys definitely aren't".

    Do you see what I mean?

    And another variable is the coaching staff giving these star ratings. Their CA/PA. Their judging attributes. The star system is no way to tell us that player x CA is underrated.

  3. 1 hour ago, ColognePar said:

    Can you please consider adding Jock Stein and Bert Paton to the lists of either legends or icons for Dunfermline? Definitely Joe Cardle as "Favoured personnel" also. 

    I'll pass these onto our Fifer researcher, not sure if he's on here👍. I can't see there being any argument not to include Stein and Paton next time we're able too

  4. 10 minutes ago, ATW said:

    Both Bassey and Patterson are SPFL Premiership level players with potential to be some of the best to play in the league.  Not sure you can say more than that after a half dozen games between them *cough* Hastie *cough*

    As for the watch clips. You will find the researcher watches every game but if he doesn't it will be almost every game...

    Just to add to this, you say that you can't go Rangers because of the 'issues' but it's exactly what we ask you to do every year. Don't just load up - look at attributes - complain. Play through for a season and see how the players are performing and more importantly, developing, then if you still feel there's an issue, let us know. Alot of the initial complaints of Rangers being underrated elsewhere, have quietened down now that folk have started playing through. As @ATW says Patterson & Bassey already have CAs that place them as first teamers  with everyone outwith the Glasgow 2, where, like irl, they're on the cusp and both have PAs that could see them be very good top flight players. 

  5. 10 minutes ago, jimbo22 said:

    Small thing, at Rangers Kevin Thomson is listed as a first team coach, I know you cant have joint managers but he is in charge of the B/Reserve team with Brian Gilmour. Either way he should be manager/coach of the B team not first team.

    Cheers, the 'double manager' will be what's happening here. Both Gilmour and Thomson are set in the db as Reserve manager, so the game's moving Thomson up one. We'll set one as Reserve Assistant whenever we get the opportunity.

  6. 6 hours ago, Mpage2701 said:

    Dundee missing youth players-

    Cammy Blacklock

    Jack Wilkie


    Dundee have a transfer budget of 250k, I reckon that's too high considering the financial position. I wouldn't be surprised if it was basically 0.

    Blacklock's like the Aberdeen youths that until we can get a definite DoB, we can't add him, as unsure if he's 16 before our cutoff date. Going by Wilkie's twitter, he was 16 last December, so yeah, he should be added whenever we get the chance.

    You're also right regarding the transfer budget.

  7. Our Hearts researcher posted earlier in the thread that the backroom staff has been updated for the final release.

    Karen Gibson left in the summer and is currently working freelance and is with Inverness Caley just now as their central belt physio.

    I'm no' Hearts fan so can't comment on the players but am I unberstanding right? You don't think Cochrane should be rated highly as he's at Montrose on loan? I'd disagree entirely, as from what I've seen, he's still one of the best young prospects playing in the lower leagues and would love him as the legs in the middle of the park for Falkirk. Apologies if I haven't picked you up right.


  8. 17 hours ago, seanydude said:

    Fwiw, the board just gave me £43m to spend in November. I’m aware of the finance issue obviously as I raised it but seems Pistol Pete is still not tight enough. I imagine he wakes up in hot sweats at the thought of spending that money 

    Acht, cheers. During the earlier testing Celtic were spending huge (before budget data changed) in the second season but it was through sales. They were selling big, but in return, spending big, so we were trying to get Celtic to spend to avoid AI Peter waking up in sweats :lol:. It seems to be trial and error though! He's setup to negotitate the player/staff contracts and transfer targets contracts/finalise deals, with various attributes set to make him tight when splashing the cash and looking to get the best deal possible when selling. When you go in and ask for more in your budget, does he say ever say no? 
    With Dermot Desmond set up to be the Celtic money man (resources in responsibilites) we're going to need to see if it's he, that also needs Lawwell esque attributes set, or if we need to set Lawwell to 'resources' to try and get Celtic acting like they do irl.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Mpage2701 said:

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but i'm not exactly sure where the issue is coming from. Started a game as Arbroath and I don't have an Assistant Manager. I'm thinking that Ian Campbell automatically leaves with Dick Campbell, but it's seeming to lead to Arbroath not having an Assistant Manager as a listed position. It won't allow me to sign an Assistant without getting rid of another coach.

    Ah, so this will be why someone was asking about Hibs being assistant managerless last night. If you could report it in the Transfers/contracts forum here please mate, as I don't think there's anything we can do, data input wise, to prevent this happening.

  10. 5 minutes ago, jimbo22 said:

    Stats are always subjective I suppose. many people will debate small changes. One thing that bothers me about the differences in both clubs finances, now we all know that Rangers finances arent great but Celtic starting the game with 72m in the bank seems silly. I know in the last couple of years they had around 38m in the bank but to have doubled in 12/18 months seems very very unlikely. 


    Will most likely allow Celtic to spend way more than they are likely to in real life. 

    Aye, the Celtic money in the bank is one we haven't caught and we can only apologise for that. The 2020 accounts were released a few days after the Assistant researcher lockout. It should be adjusted to 18million to reflect their accounts but I'm not sure if we're going to be able to get it in. But it has been spotted.

    Peter Lawwell's attributes have been adjusted for 21 and he should be in charge of ingame negotiations, so we're hoping that he'll be a bit tighter in 21, to match his real life counterpart but we can only wait and see.

  11. 10 minutes ago, ATW said:

    And I'm telling you for FM21 you're wrong with your summary.   

    And, you're wrong again.  The difference between Celtic and Rangers has never been closer since at least 2012 and Rangers have never been further ahead than the rest since the same time 

    Stop using the FM21 CA16s you have infront of you, the FM21 position CA attributes you have infront of you, the FM21 positon ratings you have infront of you to try and win your argument man!


    1 hour ago, CaylumM said:

    As @ATWhas mentioned, the youth players I couldn't find any information about at all except in that article. Evan Towler will turn 16 in December so cannot be included in the game.

    For James Walker, I yet again couldn't find any information on him apart from he's a "Youth Academy Sports Scientist", and I can only see him working with up to U16 age range.

    If you have any information on any of these people then please feel free to tell us and we can try include it in the game if applicable.

    Just to confirm what's been said, we can't add Findlay, Gerrard & Renforth until we can get a DoB. Findlay was an S3 pupil when he signed in the summer of '18, so he'd either be 13 or 14, which means he could now only be 15.

    Gerrard, he was playing for the U12s back in '16, so again could now be 15 or 16.

    They signed the same time as Finn Yeats (16) who signed as a F/T professional. The fact these 3 didn't, suggests theyre still of school age. Again, we might be wrong, but until we can get proof, they can't be added.

  13. It got scrapped when the league reconstruction came into place. The minimum requirement for competing in the Premiership & Championship is the SFA Bronze Standard Certificate. League 1/2 is the SFA Entry Level Certificate.

    6000 covered seats are only required to help get the Gold Certificate. If I mind right, the minimum capacity for the Bronze Certificate is 500 covered seats (spaces?)


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