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  1. 1 hour ago, Chris Hamilton said:

    Only showing Barry Ferguson when I load the game using the original database and a large player count 


    Because he's an assistant in a 'non-playable' team, you're probably not going to get him in your game unless you go into advanced database and load up all players/staff from Scotland or Lowland League. Their chairman, GK Coach and 1st team coach are also in the db.

  2. On 25/11/2020 at 14:10, Johnsey said:


    I raised this in the beta bugs before but doesn't appear to be fixed.

    A load of hair colours (in Scotland at least) are wrong in the match engine. 

    Players I've noticed so far that all have blonde hair in the match highlights for some reason (Lewis Ferguson (Aberdeen), Ryan Christie (Celtic), Ryan Kent (Rangers), John Souttar (Hearts), Martin Boyle (Hibs), James Forrest (Celtic), Michael Smith (Hearts), Michael O'Halloran (St. Johnstone) and Craig Bryson (St. Johnstone).

    Some of these players do have lighter hair irl but not the sandy colour they all have in game. Some of them are just plain wrong as well.

    Cheers. Got these fixed for whenever there's a data update.

  3. 1 hour ago, AceAvenger said:

    I'm going to repost what I said in the previous thread:

    Also I'd like to highlight that they belaboured the point in the Tweet about his goal against Celtic that he is a "left sided defender", therefore that could be an indication that he's left footed. 

    Also maybe give him some competency at left-wing back, as he's played there when Hibs played in a back 3, against Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers.

    You are right, cheers. I found this article where he says his right foot's ok but he tries to avoid it where he can. We'll get him sorted whenever we're next able too.

  4. 7 minutes ago, jimbo22 said:

    Not sure theres a real issue with Bassey, already his strength is up to 15 in mine and its only 6 months into the season his balance is also up 1, infact, most of his attributes are heading up in my save, play him (as well as most other kids) and you should see an increase in attributes. 




    Thank you. Its what we ask. Play and see how he grows. If he doesn't then its something we can look at.

  5. 1 hour ago, wardog said:

    Its a very hard one for you guys. Adu and Samba are basically memes these days. While im sure many (and i include myself in this over the years) where players at the old firm in particular (im sure some lads at other clubs caused a stir aswell) seem underrated. This year I can only talk for Rangers, but the youth there seems very fair. CA looks like its taken a bump from the challenge cup run which means many of the players are on the fringes of the team, which it sounds like could be the case in real life. But none jumping into the team either. 

    PA wise I only ran a season so Id be going off staff i usually wait for pregame editor to discuss but again most seemed very fair at the moment. Robby McCrorie probably the only one I thought - is he really looking like a player who could replace McGregor short or long term as hes expected to in Real life, although to be honest I'd have absolutely no idea what researcher would be looking after him with Rangers, Livi and QotS all candidates. It could be a minus potential ive ran a lower end but id question him still being on minus when hes now had 2 complete seasons jumping the divisions of senior football via loans. Again this could be my staff not rating him correctly however so without pregame i cannot come close to a fair discussion on this. 

    Just for record id be hoping for a PA in region of 140-150 PA for Robby. 

    Ah Robby McCrorie, I don't want to hear that name again for a while but we no doubt will :lol:. I can't remember a player that has divided opinion in the research team such as Robbie and that includes both our Rangers and Livi' researchers. It would have been a concenus, of all 3 in rating him, though Ter's opinion holds highest regarding the potential (and obviously Stuart). McCrorie was performing as a Gordon Banks/Andy Goram love child at the start of testing, he was the CM supakeepa, so as I say, there's been alot of talk and discussion regarding him internally.

  6. 23 minutes ago, PigeonStrangler said:

    So despite Bassey being physically massive and strong as an ox he gets a 14 for physicality.  No other attribute reflects his physical size and strength.  Even video evidence won’t help you see what is clearly visible to everyone who has seen the boy play.  Okay, got it. 

    For perspective Joe Aribo has a 15 for strength on FM21.  Is Joe Aribo (an attacking CM) physically stronger than Bassey (a CB who can also play LB)?  As a Rangers fan who watches every minute of these guys play I can safely say no.  

    Your baseline stats are off.  No point providing you with anymore feedback since it’s clearly not being listened too. Bye.


    So now you realise that EVERY POST YOUVE POSTED HAS BEEN ABOUT BALANCE 10 and your argument was wrong, you throw a tantrum and try to change what you were arguing about in the first place to make us look the eejits. Gotcha.

    You maybe NOW have an argument when we're talking about strength as he is a brick but a 14 at his age is a great attribute rating, plenty room to grow in game as he gets older just as he should irl. Now if his strength isn't rising as the in game years advance, then yes, its something we can look at but as we always, always say, do not just look at the attributes as soon as you load up, play the game, see how the players develop or not and then we might have something we can work with.

    But to also repeat what Ter and Bryan told you, he's a new signing, we trust the previous clubs researcher as they've likely to have seen him more than we have and that's both the Leicester boy and our very own SI employed, Rangers supporting researcher, giving him a 14, that's good enough for me as they know what they're doing.

  7. 1 hour ago, Hairycull said:

    Well, maybe I am using the very respectable :eek: Sun Newspaper to back up my point?  :D I am not btw.

    I am sure there are reasons he has only played a hand full of senior games.  Some of which could be:

    1 Being he is a small 17 year old in a physical league. Which might only damage him.

    2 Celtics terrible start to this season has meant Lennon cant risk giving him game time

    3 He is out of contract at the end of the season so there is a chance he will leave us.

    I wonder if he does leave Celtic at the end of the season to join a club in a big league then will FM22 have him with a much better PA?



    All you need to do is quote the Daily Mail and you have the full set :p:lol:

    I do understand where you're coming from regarding Dembele but we're in a difficult position as we've been here before, if you've been around the research as long as I have :lol: with Feruz, McGeady, MALONEY, where they all broke through at Celtic as superstars and we were getting pelters and petitions for our sacking for not giving -9s, -10s :lol:. And as their careers panned out, they never did reach the highs that a -75, -8 PA would give, never mind a -9 or 10, so in cases like this, where we do maybe have the next best thing coming through, we still need to look at what's been before and try to reign in any hyperbole. The PA he's got just now could again, see him become one of the best prospects Scotland's had, if he reaches his full potential in game and as he's only 17, there's still scope where we could decide on upping his PA in the future if he does start looking the super-superstar folk think he may be.

    Hope that makes sense and reasonable :lol:


  8. 35 minutes ago, PigeonStrangler said:

    10 balance and 14 strength does not accurately reflect the size and strength of Calvin Bassey.  He's not going to get any smaller by the time January comes.  His baseline physical attributes should be better than what they are.  

    Check - 3:08

    Check - 5:23

    You can see how big Bassey is from these clips.  He can comfortably hold off opposition players with his physicality and strength.  

    Third time. Third researcher. No matter how many different videos you post on here, doesn't change the fact that BALANCE... IS... NOT... A... HOW WELL BUILT... HOW STRONG HE IS... ATTRIBUTE!!!! The Swansea boy gave you it word for word :seagull:

  9. 1 hour ago, NickmarJr said:

    out of interest why do the SPFL care and decide who is the vice captain on football manager? 

    No idea, that's way above my station, but they do :lol:. Its an interesting wee insight into how clubs think, when you see what they come back with. 

    We are lucky though, the SPFL give us a lot of free reign, when you see what other licensed countries need to put up with.

  10. 2 minutes ago, wardog said:

    oh wow I didn't think licencing would cause such an issue. More than fair enough. McGregor is a fair replacement in this case thank you for responding on this under these circumstances

    No problems bud, you responded way better than some of us *cough* @ATW *cough*  when we found out, as it makes us look daft :lol:. Iirc its the same with the Dundee Utd and Aberdee vice-captains.


  11. 12 hours ago, David19827 said:

    I'm not sure this is a data issue or an issue within the game but I've just finished my first season and Celtic didn't win the league yet Lennon was kept as manager, I can't see realistically Lennon or Gerrard keeping their job at the end of the season if they fail to win the title.

    Aye, there's nothing we can really change here data wise as the game doesn't understand the significance of 10 in a row.

    We could lower Gerrard & Lennon's job security, but then that might see them both getting replaced immediately.

    We could also change the 'Winning the league' ambition rating, so it's required, but could you imagine this thread if you're all getting sacked from Rangers and Celtic after one season :ackter::lol:?

  12. 5 hours ago, wardog said:

    Apologies to Ter my phone being wierd and won't let me delete previous post I made. 

    Small one, started a quick save with rangers. McGregor is starting vice captain. Should be Goldson

    This unfortunately is down to licensing. Ter had Goldson down as vice captain, the SPFL asked for it to be changed to McGregor. 

  13. 14 minutes ago, Come on ye pars said:

    Perfect, hope Euan Murray has higher leadership too.

    Thanks for getting back to me, appreciate it.

    It wasn't me that asked about Paton or Stein (meaning there are two Pars fans haha).  That's cool, didn't know they'd have to sign off on that.

    Regarding Martin's injury see https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Manager_on_Thursday&ID=12664.  Crawford says: "Stevie also confirmed that his 24 year old defender Lewis Martin is going to be out for a lengthy spell and is going to have to do rehab.

    “It is disappointing but at least we know where we are at with Lewis now. The problem is coming from his calf and worked its way down to the ball of his foot. It is just one of those things. There are boys at other clubs who have suffered from the lockdown period and have picked up lengthy injuries. Unfortunately Lewis seems to be that one who has picked up something when out running during the lockdown period."


    No idea for timescale unfortunately but looks like a calf injury

    It's been lowered to 2 for having the audacity to defy the cosmos and score a double against the mighty Bairns!! :p . Aye it's been upped bud. As I say, everything was taken on board. I'm sure O'Hara's finishing did go up a bit as well. Last season was his first prolific season, after not really doing it at Falkirk or his loan spells, so we don't want to make too rash a judgement, but as you said, there's a reason Dunfermline signed him to replace Nisbet for the 20/21 season.

    Cheers for the Martin link, I'll pass that on.

  14. 42 minutes ago, Come on ye pars said:

    Hi, you able to tell me then if the Dunfermline changes I suggested have been changed especially the positional ones.

    Curious, is there a Dunfermline researcher?

    Also Lewis Martin has been injured since the summer, not sure if that will be implemented however I don't know much details so can be left out I guess.  Likewise regarding the Kevin Nisbet transfer was not free.  It was about 250K I believe, but should at least be undisclosed.  Again there were clauses in the deal, but unfortunately don't have any specific details.  Maybe some Hibs fans know.

    Aye there is, it's ME :hammer:!! *Maniacal laugh * 
    Aye, there is a Dunfermline researcher, he was new for FM20 and getting in the swing of things and growing well for 21. PA -7 :lol: I'm not sure if he's signed up for here or not.

    Dow is now an MR/AM RC. Thomas AM RL and Martin a DL C with DL his natural position. Murray a M/AM C, with ratings for wide right and left.

    How dare yoooooooou question my McManus attributes :p, but I can confirm that your opinions were taken on board redgarding the different players and were altered where agreed necessary.

    Kevin Nisbet fee is currently set as -1, so it should say undisclosed. There's no injury set for Martin or addons for Nisbet, so we'll need to see if we can find anything and race the clock.

    Hope this helps.

    Oh and I can't remember if it was you that asked about Jock Stein and Bert Paton for the legends, unfortunately we can't look to get them added until FM22, because stuff like that has to be signed off by the clubs/SPFL for licensing and that's already been done for this years game.

  15. 1 hour ago, Hibs1875 said:

    Just started a new game and Gogic is at 6 for Aggression on mine.

    Aye it will be, the beta data hasn't and won't change. Like I said above regarding Rangers, the beta data was finalised a while ago and since then, there's been umpteen changes going on, still going, up until the final release. His aggression's been changed and will be 17 when the game is released. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.

  16. 2 hours ago, wardog said:

    Mines ran with medium - top 5 nations, mls and china loaded and followed a similar pattern. points wise rangers finished on 75 after losing last 2 games, celtic on 82 which was obviously an under performance. So Rangers seen to be capping out at mid to high 70s based on several runs

    One thing that we've forgot about in all the madness earlier, was that the data we're seeing and using just now isn't the data being used in the beta. Infact, the data being used in the beta is probably 2, 3 updates out of date. I've no idea what the cutoff for the beta was, so don't actually know if there were any changes to Rangers since, what they were, what not, so when I said that Celtic16's 134 and Rangers 133, that's what we have in the databse NOW. I obviously don't know if that's what it was at the time of the beta cutoff, it might be, it might not. 

    But the patterns we're seeing, I think it's safe to confirm that we aren't seeing Rangers finishing 20 points behind Celtic (watch that come back and bite me on the arse now :lol:) in all our current testing. The database is a continual tweak until release.

    Hope I've made sense :lol:

  17. On 11/11/2020 at 23:15, dazzlerdaz said:

    Kirsten Robertson at St Johnstone should be Managing Dir and not DOF.

    Her 'Head of Football Opertations' title would be more DoF than MD in FM, would it not? Just had a quick look and Celtic's Nick Hammond , who is also Head of Football, is also set as DoF.

    Just a question rather than a definite statement, seeing as our Saints researcher has made her DoF.

  18. On 11/11/2020 at 19:51, GaryMc93 said:

    Ayr United
    No Longer at Club
    Nathan Baird

    No Place of Birth
    Viljami Sinisalo (on loan from Aston Villa) - Espoo, Finland  https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-sarkic-transfer-cutler-18308588
    Liam Miller – Irvine, Scotland
    Finn Ecrepont – Ayr, Scotland
    Mark McKenzie – East Kilbride, Scotland https://www.forfarathletic.co.uk/item/4115-loons-sign-ayr-united-striker

    Wrong Date of Birth
    Luke McCowan – Game has 9/12/1999. Should be 9/12/1997 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/luke-mccowan/profil/spieler/468264

    Wrong Contract End Date
    Aaron Muirhead – Game has 31/5/21. Signed a 2 year deal in the summer. Should end 31/5/2022
    Patrick Reading – End date is set as 30/6/2022. Suspect this should be 31/5/2022 for a Scottish based player

    Link for both https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/ayr-united-make-double-signing-22392107

    Height/Weight being automatically generated
    Andy Murdoch      Weight 66kg    Height 169cm
    Patrick Reading    Weight 65kg     Height 170cm
    Paul Smith             Weight 60kg    Height 169cm

    Cheers for this. The reason McCowan's set as 9/12/1999 as that's what it says on the Ayr website, so we'd go with that rather than a transfermarkt. 


    59 minutes ago, Stuart Milne said:

    But you aren't though. You are angry about how the coaches and/or scouts at Rangers perceive the players to be. That is entirely different to how they are actually rated.

    If a player like Katic as a Current Ability of 125, how is that wrong in your eyes? Do you think Rangers wouldn't be able to sign a player with a Current Ability of 135? And if they did, and you had Katic as a 4 or 5 star player, then what should the 135 rated player be? 5 stars too?

    And in that example, if they were to sign a 135 player ingame, Katic would more than likely drop down to 3 stars... it's how the star system works, an in game coaches (with all their attribute variables) belief that player b is now better than player a at Rangers. Its not OUR ratings, it's not a worldwide rating scale. It's an in-game CLUB rating scale.

    Anyhoo, biggest game in years, that we apparently care so little about, is now on!

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