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  1. Simon Mburu (13101464) Posta Rangers > Wazito (22/6/2018) - He has no positions set but he's described here as a Left-Back, although here and the Wazito site describe him as a midfielder.

    Martin Musalia (13114866) is set as a non player but he signed for Wazito (2/7/18) - Goalkeeper

    Piston(e) Mutamba (13208552) at SofaPaka is down as being from DR Congo but he's a Kenya international. DoB-12/11/97

  2. To add to Calum McGregor's bio problems, it also says his career spanned just 4 years, from 2009 to 2013. It appears to be taking his loan end date from Notts County, as the end of his career, when he's went on to play another four seasons with Celtic after said loan. (And is still playing)

  3. 13 hours ago, littledragon84 said:

    Are you able to tell me how to update players bios because I've noticed a few errors with some Celtic players.

    If you look at Rogic and McGregor the stats don't add up. With Rogic bio it says he's played 44 games for Celtic and no goals but he's played way more than 44 league games plus he's scored numerous times. Even if you look at his profile from 14/15 onwards to current he's played a lot of league games and scored goals. It's the exact same for Calum McGregor. I know there is the editor data but does the players bio's appear on there? Maybe it is there I just couldn't see it.

    I think what's happened with McGregor is that his 16/17 and 17/18 stats are missing from his bio. If you read his bio it shows that he's played 44 games and scored 6 goals. I've attached his total stats.


    His 16/17, 17/18 histories aren’t missing from the database itself though. As researchers, we have nothing to do with the bios, it’s the AI that generates them. If it’s not showing up correctly, you’re going to have to report it as a bug over in the bug forum, cheers.


    Having a look at McGregor's bio, it's definitely badly written. "In a playing career that spanned just 4 years from 2009 to 2013, McGregor made 81 appearances and scored 18 goals" It appears to be using the season 13/14 end date for his Notts County loan as  the end of his career, while then using the 13/14, 14/15, 15/16 stats to give a total of 81/18 for his total career stats. :herman: So yeah, if you could report it as a bug, that would be grand, as I've no idea what it's doing, as all the dates and histories are in the database.

  4. 12 hours ago, jc1 said:

    They were there last year too but as you said the researchers cannot set them as such, so the only way to put players on them is to take them off their loans in the pre game editor, then once you fire up the game from start put them out on loan again with the Dev bit ticked. No real big problem just a bit annoying that it cannot be done by you guys in the 1st place.

    Aye, sorry, I fully understand now. 😄 I thought that even though we couldn’t set development loans, the fact the rules said that players could play, meant that it was a work a round for the players we initially set on loan. Obviously not, which is a pain in the archie! 

  5. 1 hour ago, jc1 said:

    Pre editor and take them off the loan they're on, then when in game offer out on loan again ticking the play for reserve/ dev team option.

    As far as I know, development loans are in FM19. Like's been said, as researchers, we can't set loans as development loans but in the league rules, it's set that U23s are allowed to play for their parent clubs reserves, as long as parent & loan clubs aren't in the same reserve division.

  6. 3 hours ago, pheelf said:

    3) If there are licensing reasons why you can't include the real youth structure in the game then that is understandable but speaking from a gameplay point of view there needs to be at least some sort of generic youth structure to ensure that the youth players play competitive games.

    The new Project Brave Elite Leagues are in FM19, they're just not in the public beta release as the data used is older than the ongoing updating of the database for release. As mentioned in the Scottish Data forum, the reason for the late inclusion is because there was no information being given for how they were going to operate until the very last minute.

  7. 1 hour ago, celtic_fc said:

    I get that you've added u18 competitions this week (I'd ask why it was overlooked for so long but never mind) but is there any way you guys can push for the u18 changes to could be included in the next hotfix? If another one comes out before release.


    26 minutes ago, Bryantonfan said:

    It was very hard getting info on u18's set up as SFA and clubs don't make it easy to get this info but we sourced it now

    Yup, that's what happened. The big Project Brave reconstruction happens and we say to ourselves "You know what would be fun? Lets overlook the new youth setup in FM19, that'll be a laugh!" As Bryan says, there was no info, zilch, heehaw, nowt whatsoever being given about how the U18 leagues would operate, but luckily it was eventually sourced.

  8. 10 minutes ago, joe5p said:


    Is Karamoko Dembele still too young to feature at Celtic? Are there no other 15 year olds in the game? Thanks for the hard work. 

    Yeah, he's still to young to feature in FM19 (despite some clickbait sites saying otherwise!) If I remember right, if a player turns 16 before 1/9/2002, then he's eligible to be included.

  9. 6 hours ago, parsdaft1982 said:

    Just a small thing. Looking at Dunfermline Athletic, under fierce rivals it has none, however Falkirk and Faith are considered fierce rivals. (Will provide screenshot tomorrow)

    How did you type that with your 7 fingers? 😛 Yeah, both I and the Dunfermline researcher had us at 20 for the rivalry, but it was effecting transfers between the clubs, which obviously isn’t the case irl, so we were advised to lower the rivalry to 16, so it’s still strong but transfers between the clubs are still likely to happen.

  10. 24 minutes ago, Chris Hamilton said:

    Noticed that rangers still play cambuslang in a friendly every year in the game, does this still happen in real life? and if so shouldnt it be the reserve squad that gets this fixture? Don’t think Gerrard took a team there this year. 

    James tavernier only has an 8 for flair surely this is a bit low considering the amount of goals/chances he creates?  

    Brian Gilmour
    Kevin Thomson
    Malky Thomson
    Gregory Vignal 

    stephen Wright 

    colin Stewart (gk) Graeme Smith (gk) all youth coaches are missing from rangers 


    Wright's the Intermediate Academy & School Coach, so he won't be included because the kids he coaches aren't old enough to be in the game. Thomson's & Vignal are also U13-15. Anyone that doesn't coach at at least U18 level, wont be included. But yeah, as mentioned earlier, Stewart should be the Rangers first team GK coach.

  11. 1 hour ago, weekyle13 said:

    Yh Steve is the physio however there is also another physio, the guy is abit older maybe in his 50's alongside him. Also Rangers are missing Jordan Milsom as a Head of performance but i assume thats just like a fitness coach ? and Colin Stewart Goalkeeping Coach as i've mentioned previously. The other physio is the man on the right in the photo below . Apoliges for not being able to see the mans face.


    Milsom's in the Rangers db as Head of Sports Science for release :thup: as @Stuart Milne says, the beta data's a week old. The other guy in the photo, from my mad stalker skills :D looks like your club doctor Mark Waller, who also needs adding, as I don't think he's in the database, as well as Colin Stewart.

  12. 1 hour ago, weekyle13 said:

    Fair enough i thought he was still here. And also im sure Rangers have a new phsyio to replace him and this hasn't been added either.

    Yeah, Steve Walker the Rangers Reserve physio in FM should be their Head Physio, with Robin Dicke, who I don't think's in the DB, the reserve/youth physio, from what I can work out.

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