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  1. Just started a save with Everton and it's going very well so far. This is how I'm setting up: This is my current form: Zouma and Lookman both got Cruciate Injuries and are out for 7+ months so I'm very happy with how it's going + we deserved to win vs Arsenal and United. I recommend looking at strikerless for set-piece ideas, Mina & Zouma are unreal in both boxes.
  2. I'd use the 1st as a Libero personally. He's better technically, mentally and the physical difference is pretty minuscule
  3. Probably because the opposition becomes more defensive when they get a man sent off. Check what formation they change to and try to identify where you can exploit it. Perhaps try playing at a higher tempo in order to tire them out etc. Maybe you can afford to throw an extra man forward at set pieces?
  4. How would it work if my striker had both “comes deep to get ball” and “tries to beat offside trap” PPMs?
  5. The express yourself TI gives your players freedom to roam now
  6. When I was playing this style I gave De Ligt the switches play and plays long balls* traits and I remember it working really well. He even got a good few assists from balls straight over the top. *may have been tries killer passes, don't have the save anymore
  7. Not something I've ever tried, but you could try an inverted wing back to sit in front of the defence and a half back to sit in and create a back 3?
  8. I used the following and really enjoyed it: I know *technically* it's a 4411 but the way it played out was more like a 442 with the Shadow Striker always overlapping. I used it with Fulham in the prem with a terrible championship quality team and managed 12th, then 8th. I also used it with Hajduk Split and managed to win the league, predicted 3rd, and had a great run in europe. I played on defensive most of the time, only instructions were to close down more and push up higher, but I'm sure you could play around with it and see what works for you. I personally found that the wingers, target man and SS linked up very well.
  9. Havertz turns into the best non regen AM in the game most of the time. Bruno Fernandes of Sporting is cheaper and very good.
  10. Got this guy through my youth system who looks really promising especially considering his age and the league I play in. The problem is he doesn't really fit in my system. I use the below systems, normally 4141 but sometimes the 4411 (442 essentially) when I'm big favourites. The tactics have been working brilliantly so I don't really want to change them. What should I do with him? Do I mould him into a Targetman? I'm tempted to make him into my Shadow Striker but I don't I use that tactic enough to justify it.
  11. An extremely successful first season. Our first title since 2002 and it went down to the final day. We also managed to beat Rijeka in the cup final to win the double! Our European run: Our Cup winning run: Our second half of fixtures and final league table: And last but not least, our best regen. My Head of Youth Development said that this was a "Golden Generation". Heres hoping... Not sure how to mould this boy, I'm using a target man and I feel like that would be a waste of his technical ability, he does have decent physicals though, any ideas? Perhaps a shadow striker. An excellent season which we combined our excellent defence with some brilliant quick and decisive attacking play, with the addition of some great set pieces we managed to obtain some brilliant results against much better teams. In the next month I'll look to add some depth and replace some of the older players who are leaving. I'm looking to sign a starting left winger and a goalkeeper, either starting or one for the future.
  12. Thanks to both of you! Really enjoying it so far. Got a striker who looks really promising already. Managed to beat AZ 4-1 on aggregate but we were then well beaten by Arsenal losing 2-0 away and drawing 1-1 at home. A very successful run none the less.
  13. We've reached the mid-season break and wow. What a start! Let's start with the league: Top of the league with the best defence and attack. Lots of good results. Very happy with that indeed. Looks like our goal of challenging for the league title could be checked off this season! I just wish we could beat Dinamo... Our other goal... Europe. We have totally defied my expectations. We made it through to the group stages with ease. I thoight Viktoria Plzen would have been a challenge but we absolutely pumped them. The group we had looked impossible but our defence stood strong and we ground out some brilliant results and topped the group! We have AZ Alkmaar in the next round, whatever happens I'm happy with what we've done so far. We have also made it into the semis of the Croatian Cup. Overall a very promising start with Hajduk Split. I don't think I'll be making any signings in January unless I spot any bargains. I'll be having a look to see if any Croatians are running out of contract in the summer. Milic of Napoli at left back and Zuparic of Pescara at CB are two frees I may look to pick up.
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