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  1. Sold players not going ?

    Fixed with the last update (yesterday).
  2. Sold players not going ?

    I sent to Marc, I'm having the same problem. Lol.
  3. Sold players not going ?

    I sent you an email Monday with a save file, no answer till now.
  4. Setting Player Roles

    this bug is in fmh 2012 and 2013 (I bought both), when this happens, you start a match and immediately you change the formation, so it saves... Its random, so I cant reproduce it whenever I want...
  5. which are the inside game languages? A friend is asking if its translated for portuguese too...
  6. I've the same doubt, because I think different tactics works better against tactics... like, I dont use 4-3-3 agains 4-5-1, but my favorite tactic is 4-4-2... if I keep changing against different teams because I need to adapt my tactics, my team will not be fluid... what is the game logic behind it?
  7. Thanks for thinking about it Alari.
  8. Interface and usability suggestions

    can you give us both options? so we can choose in the interface preferences menu and you will please everybody... fifa soccer and pro evolution soccer use the click/highligh player method for substitution/squad change... and for years, heh... well, it was just a suggestion, I'll not bother you with this anymore... but dont forget the other suggestions in the first post please...
  9. Interface and usability suggestions

    @Alari Naylor I have a Samsung Galaxy S i9000, and like you can see, other players are having the same problem. I noticed that if you press and hold a player and move it diagonally, it will drag and drop the player, if you hold a player and move it vertically, it will roll up/down the screen. And more rarely, sometimes I touch a player, and when I touch the other player, it exchange both, like the drag and drop example. Dunno if it is "fixable", but I'm trying help, because I like this game so much. I cant help so much, because I'm just a mainframe Cobol programmer, lol...
  10. After playing 2 seasons on android FM (a bit addicted here, heh...), I have some suggestions to improve interface and usability: - an alternative option to switch a player position when entering the first team menu, like: select player (maybe a check box), get highlighted, choose other player, positions changed, because sometimes I'm just rolling the screen up and down and the game drag and drop players itself... like putting a FC in DC position and I get mad on this happening... - when checking players various stats (player profiles, player positions, player contract, etc), I suggest that if you roll the screen up and down, it shows the stats of the player that is above or down the current player that is having his stats displayed, I don't know if it will get some problems between pointers and cpu usage... - search player by preferred role (I desperately need this): deep lying forward, deep lying midfielder, winger, etc... - in the tactics menu show the formation: you could put the average form and the morale in front of condition, like: "100%, arrow, 7.8" (If I have more suggestions, I'll post them in this thread...) So, developers, what you think about it?
  11. Can't exit on 3.4a

    Exactly, Android apps DON'T need a exit button. If you dont believe it, read some android development docs...
  12. Wrong stats for passes in the match

    Ceirdiff, I dont know the exact number... Ganso pass counter is so fast... quality player... Heh...
  13. With Ganso or David Silva (great passers) in the team, when the player passes a lot in the game, more than 100 attempts for example, the number changes to negative, like -120 and sometimes it disappear, so no more 130(100) stats...
  14. Battery drains really fast

    I've samsung galaxy S i9000B, FM is truly a battery drainer, now that I got FM, I charge my phone twice (3 times sunday, hehe) a day... the only negative point in the game, it heats my phone after a while... If compared to pro evolution soccer 2012, FM is more drainer too... Maybe you could improve the game engine in future versions or updates... I will not complain much about this because its a great game, its just the first version.