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  1. Ok i try to see if i start a new career, is there a way to put the changes into an excisting save game?
  2. If i do that and then reload the database, the changes are not there. Is there a specific map it should go in?
  3. I made some changes in club colors and kits in the pre game editor but how do you save the changes?
  4. Exactly the story of my save, i almost all the time have better shots and better shots on target but hardly win anything in the end
  5. Thank you @knap and @RDF Tactics had a great season using knap's fire and water and rdf's training schedules
  6. Hi Knap do you have a tweak for the !!!!!!!!!19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSS? I got results with this one but maybe it works even better 19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSS
  7. Dont know where to put this topic but try here. I want my own created kits in fm but when i try i get a overlap in kits but not the custom kits. (see picture on away kit) I tried different things, one of which was using the in game editor and try use licensed kits but still no luck
  8. My last crash was this one 5a60fddc9d16a_FM2018v18.2.2.1055984(2018_01_1821_04.10).dmp
  9. just to help i did the validation and now i can play more matches in a row
  10. Still get a crash after update to 18.2 FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.15 13.56.21).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.15 14.23.37).dmp
  11. ok thanks! i started a save with just one manager and it took a season but again: FMT 2018 v18.1.3.1045048 (2017.12.05 20.20.45).dmp
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