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  1. Ok i try to see if i start a new career, is there a way to put the changes into an excisting save game?
  2. If i do that and then reload the database, the changes are not there. Is there a specific map it should go in?
  3. I made some changes in club colors and kits in the pre game editor but how do you save the changes?
  4. Exactly the story of my save, i almost all the time have better shots and better shots on target but hardly win anything in the end
  5. Hi Knap do you have a tweak for the !!!!!!!!!19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSS? I got results with this one but maybe it works even better 19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSS
  6. Dont know where to put this topic but try here. I want my own created kits in fm but when i try i get a overlap in kits but not the custom kits. (see picture on away kit) I tried different things, one of which was using the in game editor and try use licensed kits but still no luck
  7. champions in the second league and lost final cup to psv eindhoven
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