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  1. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Have moved it to the SD card by going to settings>applications>downloaded. Freed up some 34 MB of space from my phone's internal memory, and the game is still working. I've been actually playing it non-stop between my last post and this one. Thanks again dude, you're a top lad. Cheers.
  2. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Unmounted the sd card and then tried to download and install it. It worked! Game is now installed. Ran the game and it is now asking if I want to allow it to download data. I selected yes and it's at 20% now. I'm surprised why it didn't pick up the data already on the sd card according to the instructions above even though I had re-mounted the sd card before opening the game for the first time. But if it works then all good. Won't use whatsapp this time at 60% now. Will update shortly. Update: Download is done. It's now 'Installing game data - please wait - installing game data onto SD card etc etc'. Will update shortly. The game is now working! Thank you guys. Mr. Marc and Mr. Alari. You guys have pleasantly surprised me throughout these two or so days with the promptness of your responses and your dedication towards helping me. Playing the game for the first time now. The least I could do now is give your app a smashing 5* rating after I'm done playing the first time. Cheers! One last question: Do you guys think it'll be safe to now move the app to the SD card using App2SD? Should I try that or should I just stop whining now.
  3. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Dear Marc, if you'd refer to post # 21 on this thread, you'll find that I've already mentioned that file and that I've already tried what you're saying. And my internal memory is about 750 MB right now. I'll try that.
  4. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Thanks, just tried that including uininstalling google play store update (It went back to Market) restarting my phone and then attempting to download and install it. Nope, install didn't work. Same error 'Application not installed' when I tried to install it. I don't think it has got anything to do with the market. It's probably the sd card. Maybe I need to delete some sort of temp data or something. No matter what I've tried (Everything posted above) it still gives the error 'Application not installed' when I run the installer. My sd card is otherwise working fine. I repeat, it installed correctly the very first time I tried which means my phone is fully capable of installing it. Don't know what the problem is.
  5. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Just tried to install it after clearing the Google play store's data/cache, failed to install again with the message 'application not installed'. Yes my device is rooted. I don't understand why the game installed the first time after i bought it off google play but never after that. Even if my device is rooted if that was a problem the game wouldn't have installed in the first attempt. I don't want to re buy the game, i don'tknow if that's even possible and if the game will work after that. No my phone isn't connected to anything when I'm trying to install it and my sd card is definitely working as all my apps installed on the sd card are functional and phone is showing a free space of more than a gb on the card. Help
  6. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Nope! That didn't seem to work. Did everything as instructed, then tried to run the game setup. The setup stopped with the same error 'Game not installed'. I think it would've worked if the game was already installed on my phone. I think you mis-read my problem and thought it's the same as the other guy's. My problem is slightly different. Let me tell you again, step by step 1: I installed the game on my phone, setup completed successfully and the game was installed. 2: While it was downloading sd card data/installing the data on to the card, i used whatsapp and then when I came back to the game, it restarted. 3: After restarting, it gave me the error that the game failed to start because of three possible reasons, already listed above by the other guy. Now no.4 is where the different problem starts. 4: I un-installed the game so i could re-install it and try doing the whole thing again. This time, the game won't even install! I run the setup and it stops after a few seconds saying 'failed to install' or whatever usual error you get whenever an app fails to install on android! That's it! Now, what do I do to fix it? I just need to install the game somehow and then your instructions would work. I know for a fact that this game CAN be installed on my phone (HTC Desire S 2.3.5) since it installed in the first attempt but then I had to uninstall it. Sigh. I'm sorry it didn't work. Are there some sort of temp files that I need to delete before I can install it properly? There's this smdl2tmp1.asec file in the android_secure folder on the sd card. I think android_secure is the folder which keeps the apps you've moved to the sd card using app2sd and smdl2tmp1.asec is some sort of temporary file. People have reported having trouble with this file i.e. it gets correupt. I've tried re-installing the game after deleting that .asec temp file but it still doesn't work.
  7. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Thanks, Marc, I'm downlodingg both the files as I type this. (Downloaded now) I'll try the solution you posted later today, slightly busy right now. Will let you know if it worked. Thanks again!
  8. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Hey Mr. Marc, I've got a similiar issue. I'm using an HTC Desire S (480x800 I believe) with Android 2.3.5 and my phone is rooted. I installed the game and it installed successfully. Upon opening it, it asked if it can download additional data, I selected yes and the data downloaded. It then said 'Please wait while data is being installed to the sd card' or something alone those lines. When the data was being installed, meanwhile, I pressed the home key on my phone and started using whatsapp for a bit. After a while when i long pressed home button and launched FM again, it restarted. Right after restarted it gave me the same error as the person who created this thread and with the same possible three reasons. I have about 2 GB of free space in my SD card according to astro explorer and also according to the storage menu in phone settings. I have about 700 MB of free space on my phone according to the same menu. I turned my phone off and switched it on after a few minutes, tried to launch it and got the same error. I then uninstalled the game by going to my phone's default application uninstall menu. When I tried to install the game again, I got an error saying 'game not installed' while the setup was running. I have since turned my phone on, off, removed battery for more than a minute, tried to install it about 10 times, but it keeps saying that the game failed to install. Could you please guide me on how to approach this problem? I'd be really grateful. I was extremely excited while installing the game but it didn't work Thanks in advance!