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  1. Creating scenarios ???

    +1 With the 90% piracy, I'm not sure it will happen
  2. Creating scenarios ???

    A little UP
  3. Creating scenarios ???

    Last but not least, what are the values that I can put for these "aspects" ?
  4. Creating scenarios ???

    Which aspects of the scenarios can I modify ? So, it's only four scenarios for this FMH 2012 ? I knew it !
  5. Hello, I'm one of the 10.000 people who downloaded the game on Android 7.99€ after waiting such a long time, and for this game with unlimited play time, is a bargain. One major improvement is the scenario. On Android, there are four of them : the Saviour Cometh (avoid the relegation), injury crisis, unrest at home (hated as manager, have to convince payers and board) and the Invicibles (avoid losing). As I'm a bit curious, since I rooted my device, I looked a bit into the beast and found those scenarios as text files. I'm not the best programmer in the world, but I'm pretty sure you can create personalized scenarios by switching the values between the quotes. Soooooooo, the one million dollar question would be : "What are the values availables into the datebase, so we can create our own story ?" Thanks in advance