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  1. kristiandaniels

    LLM assistent "unrealisitic" targets

    A bit late, but also counts for FM2019. In the player search screen. Next, to the interested in transfer or loan checkbox there is a small "settings wheel" there you can set how interested the players should be to join. from doubtful to very interested. have fun
  2. kristiandaniels

    Players for the False 9 Role

    how about: Paulo Dybala Franco Vázquez Baldé Keita and since your at man united, you got Memphis Depay
  3. kristiandaniels

    Players for the False 9 Role

    Well, your neighbours Man City have one out to loan at inter: Stevan Jovetic he does a great job as False 9
  4. kristiandaniels

    Creating single player files

    I want to make a couple of players and same them all separately so that when I load a game I can choice which players to add to the game. Is there a way to save single players in the editor?
  5. kristiandaniels

    Bring back the Legends

    Really really great Would love to see Frank Rijkaard, Luc Nillis and Romario returning to the game
  6. nice to see you working on a scout, hope you will succeed. When loading a saved game it crashes
  7. kristiandaniels

    FM12SX - Official Thread

    no sign of life what so ever, 30-12 her last post. So lets all forget FM12SX and move on. If it happens that LB comes back its a nice present but doesn't look like it. And for those commenting she has a RL and a job, Duh I know but just a quick command would do, a world without a computer and no internet is a good reason thou to not post anything
  8. kristiandaniels

    FM12SX - Official Thread

    http://www.google.nl/search?q=Fuchsia+socks&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:nl:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=nl&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=XYPfTqyxCIad-wbmt6yaAg&biw=1544&bih=887&sei=YIPfTv2VGsuE-wavoKXXBQ there you go, now get patienced while waiting for a LB and crew to finish up that lovely new years pressent
  9. kristiandaniels

    FM12SX - Official Thread

    and you all do know that changing sock colours is know as cheating! So start playing the game as its made or pre edit data before starting (useing FM12SX is allways kinda cheating, editing or searching for regens with a magic tool doesn't happen in RL, but I sure love it). The game is still prety new and Littleblue and crew allways deliver a perfect app after letting us junk wait and detox a bit longer then good for us is. But in the end it will be there, lets just hope we have some luck and we can find under the chrismas tree or at new years day morning when were recovering from our hangover.
  10. kristiandaniels


    Littleblue & CO. Please take your time and dont rush anything. Do it like every year keep us OSX user waiting for sometime and then BANG Magic a nice smooth working editor. Am sure that IF your making a new editor it will be sweet as always. IF your not making one, to bad but you have supplied loads in the past the have my gratitude for ever.
  11. kristiandaniels


    on my macbook I don't have the options to seen and edit my reserve and under 19 teams, anyone know how to fix this?
  12. kristiandaniels


    Seems I cant save my shortlists and cant see my reserve and youth team players. Know problems? NEVERMIND got a tatatadaaa tadataaa a-team sound in the back off my head and Mr. BA telling me am a fool learn2update
  13. kristiandaniels


    Luckly I have a cd version so I just reinstalled it to get it working again with LBs version, wont update till here new gem is out
  14. kristiandaniels


    best thing to put in right side is a big donate banner with your paypall account attached
  15. kristiandaniels

    FM10SX - mac savegame editor/scout

    Littleblue, have you got any idea when you will release a version were the save function is working? (or is it allready working?)