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  1. A MLS save might be fun for a few seasons, if you haven't managed there yet.
  2. I think we're going to need some more details on what you need exactly.
  3. In.. 2023/2024 I think, on my main save. Just started a new Rangers save to make sure they do better than real life.
  4. I usually use around 80k, and change the competition setup depending on where I'm planning to manage.
  5. That's too much for me. I also have an informal limit of EUR 40 million, but I prefer to get youths and undervalued players anyway.
  6. I'm trying your ideas with a DLP in the DM slot. I use either a converted winger or converted full back in the midfield winger slots, depending on the strength of the opponent's wide players. I'm not too sure on the AM - CF pairing yet, although their technical skills have produced some wonderful through balls already.
  7. I tend to use one particular formation but use the various tactical options (roles, duties, mentality) to adapt in case of trouble.
  8. Paris FC! A nice challenge now that they're relegated.
  9. If Player B's categories are the ones suited for his role in the team, I'd go for him. Otherwise, I'd take Player A, he can play anywhere on the pitch.
  10. 9 goals against after 40 Jupiler League (the Belgian league) matches (30 regular games plus 10 championship group matches). A few of them were quite silly though.
  11. You can't edit the debts with the in-game editor, I believe.
  12. My guess is that he'll still retire.
  13. Season 4, coming to the end of it now.
  14. Love these ideas, they'd really bring the game more to life. Also like the merchandise / commercial ideas, I would love to have more information and control over this.