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  1. No dice unfortunately. I'm on a Mac, if that makes a difference.
  2. Stopped after that one game so tough to say regarding processing between matches. Reckon it's the whole game though. Just leaving it on the start screen (before loading a game) slows my whole computer, even if I close every other application. Again not something I've seen before in FM19.
  3. Running slow for me since the update. Stuttering even in 2d. Not had any performance issues prior to this.
  4. Unfortunately that hasn't helped me. Your detailed explanation again seems to suggest that tempo contains some element of directionality, that a higher tempo is more forward looking. Which is the same idea I had issue with earlier. My understanding of tempo matches it's definition. It is simply the rate at which something occurs. No directionality involved. For Example: Consider a team seeing a match out, playing with as little risk involved as possible. With lower tempo a CB in possession may choose simply to hold onto the ball, moving it nowhere until he is pressed by the opposition. The same CB with instructions to play at a high tempo may pass the ball sideways to the other CB, who might then pass it back to the GK, who returns the ball to the 1st CB. Thus the same team with higher tempo will accomplish 3 passes compared to 0 when instructed to play with a lower tempo. Satisfying the definition above where tempo refers simply to the rate of an occurrence. Higher tempo has not led to more risk being taken, or given their play a direction whereby they look to pass forward or break through the lines.
  5. I thought tempo was related to how little time the player on the ball takes before moving it on. Guardiola teams for instance might protect a lead by keeping the ball. Their desire to go forward may be lowered and they might only play safer passes but they still move the ball around at a fair speed, retaining possession by passing rather than by each player dwelling on the ball. For me this also makes more sense as a "manager" in FM. I want the pace at which my players move the ball to be separate from the risk they take with each pass, shot, etc. So that I can alter the mentality without adjusting the style of play. It also introduces natural limitations seen in RL. A team with poor technical ability should not be capable of playing a high tempo and shorter passing against a superior team pressing high and thus should complete less passes, have lower possession, etc. If tempo really is a measure of "how quickly your team wants to get the ball forward" this to me seems to step on the toes of both mentality and passing length and suggests that it isn't possible to combine them in the way that happens in RL.
  6. Excellent post here on some issues with passing and possession numbers.
  7. https://community.sigames.com/topic/453601-191-direct-passing-overload/ Have to echo the thoughts from here. Finding it impossible to implement my playstyle on the team as they're too happy to lump it forward. Although 19.0 was cross heavy and through ball light, do feel it was overall a closer representation of real life football. Now if two possession dominant teams play each other the pass completion figures are around 75% which is low compared to RL. The overall pass numbers are also low compared to RL which would at least partly be due to the number of direct options being taken in game.
  8. The update seems to have increased shots from the edge of the area. This leads to some nice goals from distance but also a few instances where players shoot rather than dribbling closer to goal when space opens up which would be the better option. I saw several nice dribbles in the initial version of the Beta which felt very realistic as the match engine differentiated top class dribblers and showed the quality they often do in real life. Also it's difficult to tell but it feels like during sustained possession in the opponents half there are fewer runs made in behind and therefore fewer through balls attempted, leading to either the ball being passed out wide and crossed or a shot from distance being taken. Therefore making the build-up feel more predictable. I am also finding it a struggle to sell players valued over £25M. Even when offered for half their value. Also after the update when I "offer to clubs" the initial figure on screen is set to the player's value rather than his asking price, as it usually is, which is very irritating as I keep having to change the figure over and over. Selling lower value players is fairly easy, however almost every offer I receive has a non-negotiable selling team wage contribution. I find this odd because these low value players are typically on low wages and therefore the buying club should be able to meet their wage demands considering they are already shelling out several million merely to purchase the player. It also doesn't seem realistic to me that the selling club would sell all these players and agree to contribute to their wages as the sheer number of these could easily stack up. Unfortunately on FM there is no option as the clause is always non-negotiable. Finally I can echo the earlier comments regarding the flashing advertising hoardings which are extremely distracting.
  9. Having just finished my first season I was offered a contract extension by the board. As it was last year there was basically no room for negotiation, I could not alter the years of the contract or increase the wage more than £1k a week. This makes the whole "negotiation" a bit pointless now as either you accept what is offered or not. If the club does not want to budge perhaps the deal should be offered as "non-negotiable" otherwise it's just a waste of time.
  10. Struggling to send players out on loan, still in my first season so unsure if that's contributing. Also find the blue v green difficult to discern on the player comparison page. Also I can't rearrange players on the subs bench on the right hand side of the pitch on the tactics screen. Can only do it using the list on the left hand side.
  11. Using a back 3. The central defender stands in line with the two defenders either side of him rather than a couple yards further back as he should be when the team is in possession. This doesn't appear to be affecting the build up play too much but it does seem odd that he doesn't provide a passing option. Also when the team loses the ball and the opposition counterattack the central defender is the one who breaks the line to press the ball carrier, leaving a gaping hole behind him for opposing players to run into. Obviously this is bound to happen on occasion, when a forward has run off the midfield and found some space just in front of the central defender. However it looks to me like this happens preferentially even when one of the side centre backs are equidistant from the ball carrier and are less risky pressing options. On the upside the match engine on the whole seems fairly improved this year and particularly pleasing is the variability of the build up rather than the wing based dominance of last year. The social feed seems like a nice idea and I do believe that it will help with game immersion once there are far more possible reactions. I can echo what others have said on this thread of noticing the positive, neutral and negative responses to every situation.
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