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  1. Lemme add my number one rule, shooter strong foot must be inverted. ex: Left footed kick right side corners. Like this one =) [video=youtube_share;JmJB2CWP6_k]http://youtu.be/JmJB2CWP6_k
  2. The point is its not only affecting gamers, which sooner or later will adapt their style of play or tweak it to (sadly) beat the ME, but it also hurts big teams managed by AI making it unrealistic. In fact my previous post was regarding someone who wrote about big teams failing bad. And it is very noticeable keeping an eye on those cups that mixes teams from lower leagues with big ones, like FA cup, Italia cup, etc.
  3. AI big team vs AI small team still my fault uh? Also, why you say Im not using a different aproach? I only stated "dont feel like playing defensive against poor teams". Did you read the whole post or just being funny?
  4. I think it has to do with the way the ME rewards small teams defending against bigger teams. Seems like they just sit down and out of nothing they score a marvellous counter, while the bigger team keeps hitting their defensive wall without success. In my save I manage a medium to small team and whenever I hit 2 or 3 straight good results and next match face an inferior team (even one 2 divisions below) I usually lose. Keep knocking their defense knowing the inevitable will come sooner or later, and that is one lethal counter. My only hope is score first on some corner, but sadly I lost most of those matches. Guess the AI big teams are also suffering of this, and I personally think this issue cant be hotfixed cause it involves re-balancing the core ME in depth. And I dont really feel like playing defensive against poor teams as a workaround just for that. I hardly believe 11 players like me could maintain a zero against a serious team as hard as we try.
  5. I expect them to read the forums as I do and quoting myself: "Sincerly, I would expect from SI to take feedback and criticism not as an acussation but as some people pointing at some issues, and then YOU on your test time try and look at it." I´ve read all this thread, day by day, wrote about 2 or 3 specific issues, but shared the same feelings and experiences of about 10 other issues posted here but havent written about it. It takes time and effort to me to try and explain myself on english but everyday I read others complaining about different issues I may have, then being banged about tactics, pkms or whatsoever. This game is fantastic, the whole serie is. One of the most complex and open to different aproaches games out there. It has one of the most cultured and respectful forums, many of us spend equal time playing as reading the forums. Then you would do well, having such fanbase, to listen to them and act accordingly. Like someone wrote uphere "the vast amount of corner goals, poor goalkeeping and amount own goals" Thats something any tester cant miss... If they play the game as we do, not just reading whole stats. You asked me for some details about 2 or 3 things I pointed out. You can read about it and use the search button too, sure youre not gonna miss it.
  6. Honestly, asking for .pkms about something many people complained about is kinda insulting. It makes me wonder if anyone there on the testing staff is actually playing this game cause hes not talking about some isolated issue showing on extreme situations, hes just writing about something happening every few games. Sincerly, I would expect from SI to take feedback and criticism not as an acussation but as some people pointing at some issues, and then YOU on your test time try and look at it. Same thing happened with the player instructions being messed up when switching tactics. I can hardly believe no tester noticed it. And the list goes on and on. Morale, Team talks, Assman advice, etc. The game is unplayable? No. Is it rubbish and unpolished? Yes. Sometimes I feel like playing some beta
  7. According to..? I mean... who are you to state that? Edit: thx steve, beated...
  8. On my current season, out of 949 goals: (my team) Penalty: 62 (3) Corner: 145 (9) IFK: 63 (0) DFK 27 (3) Total from set pieces: 297 (roughly 30% of 949) Cant tell how many own goals, maybe thats where it goes from RL 2.04 to FM 3.6
  9. Ive experienced myself goals in excess too, almost sure I posted about it on bugs forum. Now my numbers on argentinian second division: Previous season (patch 1.1.14): 484 games 1607 goals = 3.478 goals per match Current season in progress (patch 1.2) 253 games 949 goals = 3.750 goals per match RL previous season = 2.044 goals per match RL current season = 2.047 goals per match Not gamebreaking by itself but far from real.
  10. Cant tell about deleted posts, but ive got surprised by (maybe only a bunch) some oldies stating their "lack of motivation" to play the game. By oldies I not only mean the ones registered several years ago, but people who really enjoyed the game for a long time, with thousands of posts, useful posts, not like mines or Dagenham_Daves ones. Sadly I feel the same way and maybe Im just transpolating my feelings. To me FM13 was bad, this one aint bad, but feels like an alcohol-free old speckled hen on a brand new pink colored plastic bottle.
  11. Feedback of feedback. I´ve been following this thread from the start and something that surprises me is (and I dont think it happened on earlier versions) many of the people frustrated whit the game or not enjoying it is people registered many years ago. I have the feeling on past years most of the rant came by new users.
  12. Regarding first touch issues I do think they need some fine tunning, nothing drastic like 14.1.4, just a bit. Specially on the direction where the ball goes on. I accept most of the players are unable to glue the ball at his feet while receiving, but one as a player knows its going to happen so you position your shoe they way you want the ball to rebound, that is: no straight to an opponent or the sideline. Dont need to be technically gifted to influence the direction of a ball hitting a shoe, at least to certain degrees +/-