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  1. Rudagar

    World Cup Betting Thread

    What bookie is this? Can only see 9/2 but I like 11/2 too.
  2. Possibly a stupid question, but do the co efficients change in FMT like they do in the full version. In Scotland for example, the winners go into the 1st qualifying Champions League round. If we get better and better, will our co efficient improve so much that we could go straight into the group stages? Or even have two champs league spots? I know this is the case in the full version, just curious about FMT.
  3. Rudagar

    Your best/longest career?

    That weekly wage budget is insane
  4. Rudagar

    Northern Ireland - Euro 2016 Thread

    Yea Ward should make it no problem. I'd be happy to see him start too. Where is everyone based? I'm in Nice, which I think is where a lot of the GAWA will be. Tickets to all the group games too. Absolutely buzzing for this!
  5. Is Jelavic likely to start? Noticed he's been on the bench recently and Eduardo and Mandzukic starting instead. Having said that, this was all before he took the Premiership by storm. Reason I ask is I like the look of Jelavic to be Croatia's top scorer at 5/1.
  6. Fair play to Hearts though, we had no right to make the champions league really.
  7. Get in. Pity Hearts aren't doing us any favours.
  8. How come I just get the sound for that?
  9. Will take that result any day. Had my worries about a good Caley Thistle side but job done.
  10. Yeah I think 2nd is a more realistic target. Still though, worst old firm teams in long long time.
  11. Yeah I think 2nd is a more realistic target. Still though, worst old firm teams in long long time.
  12. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Frankie: A probable midfield of Ricksen and Malcolm on Sunday then.... We will miss Ferguson but in the last 2 games he's been rather poor anyway and he's still taking pain-killing injections before every game. In saying that he doesn't look fit generally and could do with losing a few pounds. Maybe the rest will do him good. But, unless we strengthen in midfield, it won't do the team any good. What price are Caley? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> And you're not joking, I've a bad feeling about it, Caley are on form. Suppose we're getting better though.