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  1. Possibly a stupid question, but do the co efficients change in FMT like they do in the full version. In Scotland for example, the winners go into the 1st qualifying Champions League round. If we get better and better, will our co efficient improve so much that we could go straight into the group stages? Or even have two champs league spots? I know this is the case in the full version, just curious about FMT.
  2. Your best/longest career?

    That weekly wage budget is insane
  3. Northern Ireland - Euro 2016 Thread

    Yea Ward should make it no problem. I'd be happy to see him start too. Where is everyone based? I'm in Nice, which I think is where a lot of the GAWA will be. Tickets to all the group games too. Absolutely buzzing for this!
  4. Is Jelavic likely to start? Noticed he's been on the bench recently and Eduardo and Mandzukic starting instead. Having said that, this was all before he took the Premiership by storm. Reason I ask is I like the look of Jelavic to be Croatia's top scorer at 5/1.
  5. Can't sell players

    I think it's disabled
  6. Can't sell players

    I've also realised that it's not just transfers involving my team, but also all around the world. I'm mid August and all the transfers are free transfers. Surely this isn't right? All the same reason, "X's proposed transfer from Y to P has been called off at the last minute due Tottenham having set their sights on other transfer targets". Has anyone any ideas why this is happening?
  7. Basically when I go to sell a player, he agrees terms but the other team cancels it because, "they want to focus on other tranfer targets." Anyone know why this is happening? I've only just started the game and it's happened with every player a go to sell (three in total).
  8. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    Webster can gtf as far as I'm concerned. Too much of an injury liability and if it wasn't for Pressley talking him through games he wouldn't have shined as well as he did. I'm still wondering who or what sort of quality we will bring in this summer. Surely with £12million we should be able to attract some sort of quality? As I said in the Celtic thread, personally I think Lafferty would be a good signing, although I do agree that £4million (or whatever it is) is a bit too much. He's young, has good potential, can hold the ball up well and is good in the air and let's be honest we don't play the prettiest of football do we :.
  9. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    Ha ha I was just thinking the same Peacemaker . All fun and games until....
  10. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    I agree, should of went 2-4-4 when we were 3-0 up, nothing to lose but it seems Walters defensive mentality prevailed. Both sides have been relatively poor this season but I would say Celtic deserved it. Looks like the 68 games have taken their toll .
  11. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    Cousin can get to ****. Never liked his attitude from the day he first played. Cleared off the line there .
  12. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    ^^ Beasley on, Broadfoot off ffs
  13. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    About time Barry did something tbh. Right, Beasley off, Broadfoot on please Walter.