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  1. If you have an old school electric meter, just get one of those industrial strength magnets from China and stick it on the side. It'll basically stop the meter turning, meaning you'll only spend £1 per month on electricity*. *Disclaimer I do not do this
  2. Rudagar

    World Cup Betting Thread

    What bookie is this? Can only see 9/2 but I like 11/2 too.
  3. Looks like I'll be joining this club come early September. I'm definitely not mentally ready just yet. We've bought a lot of the stuff you need already, just need to stock up on the baby grows and some clothes. We don't know the sex (didn't want to), but what's causing friction between me and the missus is coming up with baby names. I'm fine thinking and agreeing on a name for a girl, but a boy is a nightmare. Is it just me who when a boys name is suggested, I either know of some scumbag from school or my youth with the same name. Or I have friends called names being suggested, same with friends babies names. It's becoming a joke now cause I can't decide on a boys name. I just relate every name to someone I've known or currently know
  4. Rudagar

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    It's Monaco. I don't get why people are complaining. Everyone knows there is always the potential to be a bore fest. Especially with the wide cars now, even if you're 5 seconds a lap faster, you wont get past. That being said, for me it's still one of the first races stamped on the calendar. I was just enjoying and admiring the skill involved in keeping those machines between the barriers. Watch Ricciardo's pole lap and its jaw dropping the speed and reactions needed.
  5. Rudagar

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    Wondered what we were supposed to be looking at there, took me a while. I like them, inventive.
  6. Rudagar

    Job hunting/interview thread

    I felt it was going well yea. I was answering everything competently and getting on with the two interviewers. He did say " did you not think to phone ahead and let us know".... which I obviously didnt.
  7. Rudagar

    Job hunting/interview thread

    Once had an interview in Harrow. Was staying at my cousins who had a flat in Angel at the time. Me being the naive young early twenty something, thought "ahh it wont take too long to get there, looking at the maps". Interview was at 10am. Imagine my panic as I'm still on the train at around 10.30, and a good 15/20 mins away from Rayners Lane underground. Got to the interview and the chap taking it said "I've never employed anyone who has ever been late before". Needless to say I didn't get it. Moral of the story: if its an interview in a location you're not familiar with, if you can do a recon the day before to work out where the location is and how long it will take to get there, to give yourself plenty of time. This all sounds rather like normal common sense, but it was a harsh lesson I learned that day. Plus I'd never been to London before, and was blown away by the size of it, and the hustle and bustle. Don't know how you London commuters do it every day
  8. What's changed? The format I see now is how it has been for months. I agree it's not as good as the old layout though.
  9. Rudagar

    The OTF gym/fitness club

    What sort of benefit could that possibly give you?
  10. Rudagar

    I killed a Goose.

    How did you do the "putting them out of their misery" part? Reverse back over them? Of pull out a golf club and start smashing it until dead? Or, being America, pull out a pistol and shoot in the head? I realise this makes me sound like a psycho, but I'm intrigued
  11. Rudagar

    The most famous person from your school

    Jimmy Nesbitt, Graeme McDowell and Andrew Trimble, who was the year above me, probably the three most famous from my school. Which incidentally was an all boys school until 2015, amalgamated with the all girls school across the town so my era missed out on being with the girls
  12. Rudagar

    The Masters 2018

    What price would you make Bubba then? Spieth at 10/1 fav is the biggest priced favourite for years at Augusta.
  13. Rudagar

    The Masters 2018

    What would be your definition of "fun with the betting" in terms of golf betting then?
  14. Rudagar

    So im facing a disciplinary

    Personally I don't see the problem here, as the colleague gave you permission to use her computer. Maybe she shouldn't have went to get a drink but it obvious the both of you have a trusting relationship, otherwise she wouldn't have asked you. Sounds like a manager perching himself on a high horse in badness. I'd be genuinely pissed off if that was me and I ended up getting a note to file or something. Common sense needs to prevail surely?
  15. Lovely read that WLKRAS