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  1. Yea the Ajax RB is massive value. Considering he's an 85, would go to 87(?) if Ajax win, which is probably end game. And Ajax are odds on favourites to win. It's a no brainer. Green links with Robben too. Finally had a pick of over 84 for WL rewards. Pulled 91 Kimmich. Only problem is I cant fit him in anywhere! Will have to be a Super CDM sub.
  2. I had this in WL last week. Because I was the attacker and not the keeper, I lost due to inactivity (I went to try to share it on twitch for a laugh). Annoying as I finished on 19 wins too. Saw someone else have it and was being stubborn refusing to quit. there was something like 400 mins of added time at the end of the first half and both players just refused to quit
  3. Reminds me of Brad Pitt in inglourious basterds
  4. I've mostly been quitting when going 1-0 down, which is fair as most people seem to be doing it. But when they score and pause, expecting me to quit? No sir, I'll be playing the full 90 even if you're 10-0 up. Think I should have went for the mass 83+ pack instead of going for the 2 x Ultimate packs and 85+ packs. Will need to wait for the next batch of icon swaps.
  5. Soler and Traore as my picks this week, 17 wins. That's 3 weeks in a row where the best pick I've had is 82 ffs. Diego Godin the best in WL rewards and Rivals rewards (rank 1 Div 2). Going to give WL a miss this week, pathetic reward for the duress I put myself through. Plus the Masters is on the box.
  6. Similar to Barnzy, my missus's pay would't cover mortgage and all the bills. So as she's an NHS worker, she is a key worker, so has to go to work. I have to stay at home and look after our son, and take unpaid leave as it is more important than working to provide for my family? Then in a few months when we can't pay the mortgage/bills, we have no home/food etc? It's about finding a balance, and at the minute I don't know what that balance is.
  7. Quite naive comment from Harry. I had to wfh Tuesday and Wednesday whilst looking after an 18 month old and it was horrible. It's not fair on him as I'm not able to give him full attention needed, nor my workplace as I can't fully commit to delivering what I'm supposed to with his distractions.
  8. About 80% of us have desktops.... Was told on Friday that I'll be working from home for two weeks beginning today, and to come into the office to gather my kit and take it home, base, two monitors etc. Madness. Came into work with a couple of those big bags for life so I could carry it to the car. Turns out there is a spare laptop going round that I can have, so I'll avoid having to dismantle and pack everything up thankfully.
  9. Pretty sure you are correct and she'll be taxed at 40% of that 5k as she earns over the 50k mark, taking any earnings over 50k (in this case 10k) in the 40% bracket. The bonus takes her earnings to 65k so that will be taxed at 40%. I'm no tax expert but that's how I think it will be.
  10. Open Goal podcast is superb for any Scottish football followers. Carraghers The Greatest game is decent too. The Price of Football by Kevin Maguire is a good bi weekly podcast about the finances involved in football.
  11. The way I was thinking (or hoping rather) was that we bought our house for 280k, so 5% deposit (14k) and 20% HTB (56k). So the mortgage is 210k but our LTV is 95%, obviously very high. Say for arguments sake our house was now worth 320k, and we had paid 20k off of the 210k mortgage we originally had. Therefore the 56k we owe the government becomes 64k (20% of the new value). Take the 64k and add it to the 190k mortgage thats left, which comes to 254k, which would essentially be what our new mortgage would be. But as the house is now worth 320k, our LTV goes down from 95% to 79.375% even t
  12. Clock on menu, then down near the bottom there should be the option "Go to desktop site".
  13. Can't you just add the HTB loan to the mortgage and pay the HTB off with that? SO if your HTB was 20% of a £200k house but it's now worth £250k, the HTB you owe would now be £50k instead of £40. Can't you add that £50k when you remortgage? Therefore your HTB is paid off?
  14. Unless I've misunderstood what you're meaning, just click on the race, for example the 2pm at Kempton, then click on the horse name and it will pop up the history of that horse.
  15. Just click on the horse and it will pop up the history. When using my mobile, I click to use the desktop site as it's much better.
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