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  1. Could always try virtualbox with android-x86 running if BlueStacks doesn't work, plenty of tutorials around
  2. Have you tried most recent version? Seems to work fine with me although I do have i5 with 8gb ram
  3. Have you tried installing BlueStacks? Google it, works very well for many other apps but not tried FMH yet
  4. Have you seen some of them?! Be lucky to scrape together 5 million! Roll on the end of the season!
  5. I appreciate that but come on......8 million!?!
  6. You obviously aren't getting the point. I'm pretty sure the owners have more than 8 million pounds. You don't buy a club for over 200 million if you only have 208 million in the bank!
  7. What about the 50 million we got back from Torres sale? Should be available to spend on new players
  8. Started a career with Liverpool FC and checked their finances, it shows they are 'Ok' and that there is a transfer budget of only 8 million. Please can this be updated to be more realistic, we have new owners that have happily spent over 100 million and are willing to back the team/manager with further funds if needed. I bought one average player and my funds are gone, not very fun!